How to set up the Cat Mate C20 Automatic Pet Feeder

Operating and setting the C20 Cat Mate Automatic Pet Feeder. Initially, turn the unit over and fit a good
quality AA battery. If the timer unit has a start button, slide
it to the start position. Turn the unit over. To open the lids, turn the dial so that notch
on the dial lines up with the pointer on the lid. Repeat for the other lid You may now remove the bowls to insert a pre-frozen
ice pack, if required. Replace the bowls. Fill with the required quantity of food. Close the lid, turning the dial slightly to
hold it in position. With the C20 feeder, you can set any time
delay up to 48 hours. If the time is 10am on Saturday and you wish to feed one meal at 6pm on Saturday, set the delay by turning the dial of the first meal to 8 hours If you want the second meal at 8am on Sunday,
set the second dial at a delay of 22 hours. The setting up is now complete. We would suggest that before using it for
the first time, you ensure its correct operation by setting the dials to 24 hours and checking
that the lid is open 24 hours later.

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