How to set up a hamster cage!

hey guys it’s me and you can’t see me
because of the angle but today we are going to be showing you how to set up a
hamster cage it is recommended that you have your hamster cage set up before you
get your actual hamster that way it is less stressful so let’s get started so
to set up your hamsters cage you first are going to need a cage you obviously
want something nice and large a lot of the store-bought hamster cages just
aren’t suitable you want something around 450 square inches of floor space
or larger larger is always better this is just a bin cage with a homemade lid
to go on top to prevent any escaping and this is probably one of the best cages
you can use for a hamster so the next thing you’re going to need for your
hamsters cage is some bedding you need to put some type of substrate in their
cage they are burrowers so they need something to be able to burrow in. the
best option is a paper based bedding such as carefresh Kaytee clean and cozy or
any off-brand paper based bedding so you are first going to want to add a layer
of bedding try to go for at least six inches because like I said hamsters are
burrowers now the next thing your hamster is going
to need is obviously a water bottle I recommend a water bottle over a water
dish just because it is keeps the water cleaner hamsters often will get bedding and food and things into a water bowl so a
water bottle is just the best option for a bin cage or a tank I use industrial
velcro to attach the water bottles it’s in an easy way
it’s really cheap and it holds it up really good and then you obviously want
to use a food dish you can also scatter feed your hamster but I also like to
give the option of a food dish then another really important thing for your
hamster is to have a wheel this is going to your main way of getting your
hamsters energy out they definitely do need a wheel so that we all I have
here is just the 8 inch wodent wheel for Syrian hamsters you do want to go with
something that is at least 8 inches or larger and for Dwarfs you can go six
inches or bigger the next thing you are going to want to put into your hamsters
cage is some type of hideout hamsters are naturally prey animals so
they need somewhere to hide away and feel secure in I like to give a multiple
choice of different types of hideout just in case they don’t want to use the
certain one that you give they can try out a different hideout instead next you
are going to need some toys to put into your hamsters cage hamsters brains do
need to be stimulated so it is important that you give them some different
activities to do some different materials in their cage to run through
and play on the last thing you need to include is some hamster chew toys
hamsters obviously have teeth that are continuously growing so they
you some type of material to wear down their teeth so they don’t do not become
overgrown so you are going to need to put some type of chew toys in your hamsters cage I
really recommend a variety of types that gives your hamster an option of
different things to chew on the last thing is optional and that is to give
your hamster a sand bath this is a way for your hamster to groom themselves and
clean themselves because hamsters cannot be bathed but a sand bath can go
into the cage not every hamster is going to use a sand
bath that’s why I say it is optional but if your hamster does enjoy sand baths
you can include one into your cage so yeah guys that is it for this video and
that is how to set up a hamster cage it generally is fairly easy as long as you
have all the correct supplies so thank you for watching bye

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  1. ​ @Victoria Raechel Hello! Thank you sooo much for replying to me! I'm a huge fan. I do know that and I will try to adopt a hamster from my local petstore but unfortunetly we don't have any hamster adoption centers near by. That was why I was asking. I probably am going to adopt my hamster, but what if they don't have any? I would love to adopt, but I just wanted to know what happens if you can't find one to adopt one and there are no adoption center near by. Thank you for replying once again, and I hope you can answer this question.

  2. Can they breath ok in a plastic bin? Seems very suffocating. I never had a hamster but plan on getting one soon. I just want it to be as happy as yours look!!! Where do you get the mesh for the lid? Ah, so many questions!!! Didnt know a hamster require so much. I'm glad I subscribed and educated myself.

  3. I got a hamster a while ago and my set up pretty much looks like this. It's sad though because since I am well known around school everyone found out and a lot of people decided to get hamsters too but whenever they talk about them or post pictures of them they're always in those super small houses from pet stores and most of the time they don't even have a wheel and when I try to tell people things they can do to help their little friends they always say whatever

  4. I have a kinda small cage, but not too small. She’s a dwarf hamster and loves her wheel, I have tons of wood chews, but not toys. Do you have any DIY ideas?

  5. I like this set up I definitely want a bin cage do you think that's too crowded in there for hamsters? How many were you planning on putting in there? Not trying to be negative here

  6. Hi! I’m looking for a plastic bin that’s large enough for my Syrian hamster, but haven’t been able to find any in Walmart or Target. I was recently misinformed and bought a small cage for him and am desperately trying to find a better cage for him. I want to fix my mistakes and get something that’s perfect but decently well priced. Where can I find a bin like you have?

  7. For bin cage ventilation if I am unable to get mesh will it be okay for me to make tons of holes in the bin lid and top part. This is probably a dumb question but it is because I've noticed my hamster climbing trying to escape and yes the bin size is above 650 floor space requirement

  8. Only criticism I have is that Syrian need at least 10 inches, and chinese need at least 9. Great job on the rest. Congrats on being a featured snippet on googles 1st page results.
    I'm mentioning your video in my group, Hamster Ninja on FB, it is really well done. (aside from the wheel sizes of course, but everything else was great)

  9. What should I do when my hamster pees? I heard you can potty train, but is it needed. If not, what do I do instead, like during spot cleaning?

  10. I am researching to get a hamster im 12 and i really want one im doing a ton of research i hope my mom and dad say i can i already have 2 dogs but everyone takes care of them and if i get a hamster my mom says i have to take care of it myself and i am already pretty responsible ( i keep my room clean and got good grades) i think i could take care of one !

    If i do get one i think it would be so much fun having fun and creative cages!!!!

  11. My Syrian Hamster is now 4,5 years old, but I never used a hamster wheel. I just played a lot with him.

  12. Hi! I love watching your videos and ever since I discovered them, I have become interested in getting a hamster for myself! Well, that is if my mom will let me ^^;
    What water do you recommend giving to a hamster? The faucet kind or the purified kind of drinking water?

  13. My hamster bedding is like a think wood like texture and it has a slight scent and I bought this before taking any notice of these videos and I am not sure if is safe because my hamster has been living for a year now and I wanna take extra precaution. The packaging doesn't say what it is, it just says scented. What type of texture would you guys recommend?

  14. I'm like really late to this video but maybe (hopefully) you see this, Is there a certain material that you would reccomend for chew toys?

  15. Just go and buy you a nice big bin cage at your local stores instead of spending 40-70 dollars on stupid, tiny, and absolutely horrendous “hamster” cages.

  16. I love this. My hamster was in a tiny store cage for 7 months and it’s just now that I’m learning that it’s not good. Thanks for the tip!
    Although I have one question: I didn’t understand how you held the water bottle in the cage??

  17. Just got my hamster a 680 square inch bin ? I was gonna get him a over 700 one but parents said it was too big ?

  18. I'm sending this to my mum as proof my hamsters cage isent suitable for my hamster thanks for your help bruh

  19. I feel so incredibly bad. I had no idea how bad the cage i bought ( for 50 dollars ) was hurting my hamster by being too small. Or how bad the wooden chips were. I'm saving up for a way bigger cage so she can be happier.

  20. Hi! I’m trying to convince my parents to buy a bigger cage for my Syrian, but they say she’s old so she doesn’t need one. (I might get another one ) . I want to show them how cheap it is, but since I have never used any of these storage containers I don’t know how to find the right one online. Can somebody help ? :c

  21. How did you make the lid that way? Husband and I are going to get our first hamsters and we want to do this method ?

  22. when i first got my puppy she was so small and was almost hoping rather then walking so when my parents surprised me i said omg a bunny and my step dad said no stupid its a puppy but i still really want a bunny 🙁

  23. I'm not gonna have my whole room take over with the smell of a hamster no airfresher is gonna cover up that smell def gonna use a lemon scented bedding I DON'T CARE hamster owners either have annoying voices like her are waaayy too over the top attacking everyone that made a small mistake etc etc at least that's my experience with the annoying hamster owners on YouTube

  24. Definitely sending this to my mom so she can get me another cage I've been telling her it's not big enough but she doesnt believe me thanks

  25. We are moving houses and my mom wants my hamster out in the porch instead of the my bedroom is that okay for my hamster? Will it be protected from insects?

  26. !!! I’m crying u liked my comment ???? Thank you . Ily bless all you’re animals to live longer ?❤️❤️

  27. i got my new hamster a homemade 500 square inch bin cage and added 6.5 inches of bedding. I hope my hamster will live happy 😀

  28. You're probably not reading this, but in case you do, I want you to know that many people, including me, really appreciate the work in this Video. The speaking bubbles are very funny andthey keep the video fresh and not boring.

    Thank you for putting so much effort to help people you don't even know. ❤️

  29. So I just bought a clear bin and was making a cage for my Syrian long haired hamster and I had 2 questions, is 34” L 20” W 15” H good for him or should I get something bigger and also we have 2 wheels for him and there both 6.5” so but when he uses it, he doesn’t bend his back and runs fairly well on it but should I keep it for 1 month or 2 and get him a 10” a bit later or get the 10” now!

  30. I’m super mad because we spent a lot of money on supplies at petsathome and coming home I discovered it’s too small and missing a lot of things. I know I should of done my research before hand but surely pet stores shouldn’t be allowed to do this as it affects the hamsters health. Idk but I will definitely be sorting out his cage for a suitable size

  31. I use the best bedding we have in the Netherlands. But it's like cutton based stuff, but lucky anough it is not like real cotten but more like paper based and its safe because the small dangerous strings of cotten aren't in the bedding and cant be created. I also use carfresh but it's like 8 euros for a really small package and I give my hammir always the whole bottom filled with bedding (6 inches) so it else would be way to expensive.

  32. Hi Victoria awesome cage setup here :3. Would like to know what brand and specification of the big green igloo that you put in the corner cause I saw a lot of the Kaytee brand small animal igloo on the market their size is suitable for dwarf hamster at best and not large enough for a Syrian. You are busy, please don't trouble to answer this comment.

  33. I just want to clarify, is that the sterility bin 110 qts, and it can be found at target as well as Canadian tire?

  34. my hamster is not using his wheel to when i got him a new wheel the one that its a ball attached to it that the can run arround in and explore and what not and he is no made that into his home and stuff so how to i stopp him cuz he also need to work out

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