How to Select the Right Clipper Speed When Grooming a Dog

hi I'm Diane bad alack I am an international roaming consultant for the andis company today we're going to talk about clipper speeds when to use high and when not to use high it's a common misconception that using a high speed clipper on high gets the hair off faster not necessarily true what it does using a clipper on high speed gives you a cleaner finish so you don't have to go over the same areas quite as many times as it's clipping it's giving you more strokes per cut so you get a cleaner finish and that's great for the professional groomer that's got a lot of dogs to get done in a very short amount of time for the home groomer you may not want such a high speed clipper because as the Clipper speed increases the blade heat increases the faster the Clipper cuts the more friction you're getting between the two pieces of metal which heats the blade up so you are either having to stop and pull your blades down or you're going to have to stop and switch out to a cool blade so what I do when I'm grooming in my salon and I'm usually using a high-speed clipper I use it on slow speeds when I want to do my detail work when I'm doing poodle feet poodle phases sanitary areas and then when I'm using and doing a dog like this little Scottie here who's got a very thick undercoat and sometimes when you clip down their backs you get lines I might bump my speed up a little bit and get up get that higher speed cut so that it takes some of the lines out for the home groomer I recommend these two great choices and Clippers we've got the easy clip groom which is this blue one and we've got the AGC single speed in black both are great choices they will get the job done they won't heat the blades up super fast

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