How to Remove Ticks from Skin – Orkin Pest Control

I’m sure you’ve heard lots of different ways to get rid of ticks, right? Everything from burning ’em with the tip of a match to suffocating them with nail polish or petroleum jelly. The problem with all of these techniques is that they actually cause the tick to bury its head deeper into your skin. And that…is no bueno! So what’s the proper way? Let’s pretend this banana nut bread is your skin and these nuts are ticks. Obviously, not all of them. All you do is take a pair of tweezers; you go in there and grab the tick as close to the skin, bread, as possible. Then pull steadily and firmly outward, and voilà! El tick-o es out-o. And don’t forget to wash with warm water and soap afterward. Now, if you find a tick on your dog or your cat, just comb through their fur and do what you would do for yourself. If you have any questions about fleas or ticks, just give us a call or go to

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