How to Remove a Wasp Nest – Orkin Pest Control

Wasps are much less active at night and early in the morning, so this is the time we want to go after that nest. Now, because it’s dark, you’re going to need something to see with. Problem is, if you point this – at that, it’s a little like poking a bear with a hot stick. Thing is, wasps can’t see on the yellow light spectrum. So we take a piece of red filter – just like this. We put it across the top of our light. And I’m just going to seal this off with a rubber band. Now…you’ve got night vision. Okay, we’ve got our red filtered light, and we’ve got our trash bag. Let’s go. You want to get up right into it without making any sudden movements. You want to slowly get that all the way up to the top, like that. Then you’re just going to pop it off like a peach. Pop! Good job. Now, if the nest is too high or you’re worried about running into the wrong end of a wasp or ten, feel free to give me a call.

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