How to Remove a Wasp Nest – Extended Cut – Orkin Pest Control

ok ok the any okay let’s say you’re smokin up
some tasty rips the closure smoker in what is that sound is that the neighbor trying to show you
up with his grilling skills know my friends that’s the sound of a
wasp nest and when you’ve got ones think okay but what if you did have a wasp nest I
mean sure this is my daughter’s pin yacht her birthday is coming up but what if
instead of tasty treats this thing was chock-full of long legged long body paper wasps not so much fun first of all I wouldn’t recommend removing these bad
boys on your own but if you’re feeling rambunctious let’s
start with what you need garden gloves a hoodie long pants work boots goggles a garbage bag a flashlight a red filter all any histamine in case things get hairy
in the last thing we’re gonna need is cold soda and now we week hope top on hot good nighttime while we wait till night you ask glad
you est watch for much less active at night and
early in the morning so this is the time we want to go after
that nest now because it’s dark you’re gonna need something to see with
problem is if you point this at that someone like poking a bear with
a hot stick sure it might be fun but you’re probably gonna get ma of
thing is wasps can’t see on the yellow lights pack so we take a
piece a red filter just like this put it across the south
are light I’m just gonna steal this of with a
rubber band now you’ve got night vision and you’re on a
night mission with a cool piece technology that you
made for yourself okay we’ve got our red filtered light in we’ve got our trash bag let’s go know
when you’re approaching a las mas you don’t want to make any sudden moves and you don’t want to make any loud
noises I’m gonna position my life here so I can see it when the wasp nest is
low like this you don’t really need pests final trash bag did what you wanna do
you want to get right up into it that making any sudden movements slowly get that all
the way up all the way to the top like that now if you don’t have centers on a trash bag
you can add to it by hand just like that think it’s gonna pop it
off like a peach good job okay let’s get ready this bad boy now wherever you do decide to dispose at
this thing make sure that it’s well away from kids animals and you know crazy people who
like to dig through the trash yeah path hi due to do do do do 22 June 50-50 yes than and better safe then suck awesome now if the nest is too high or you’re
worried about running into the wrong end of a loss for
10 feel free to give me a call ok

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