How to put your dog into the Recovery Position

– Touch them with your foot, just to see if there’s any response. That way, if it was an aggressive animal, you could get back quickly
and you’re not going to put yourself at risk. You’d then move down and
you’d stroke with the back of your hands. So, just stroke them gently
with the back of your hand, that’s far less intrusive than stroking with the front of your hand. See if there’s any response at all. If there is no response,
then it looks like the animal is unconscious. You would then open the airway, so tilt the head back
with the neck straight. If it is an unconscious animal, you would then pull the
tongue gently forward. Boo is not unconscious, so we’re not going to demonstrate that, I’ll demonstrate that
on a mannequin later. You would then check for breathing, so you would very carefully, and again, don’t put yourself in
danger because obviously your head is fairly
close to their mouth now, but you would look down their chest and see if you can see them breathing. So we can see that Boo is breathing, and in which case we would leave her in the recovery position,
we would extend her head, and we might consider
elevating her lower half if we suspected she was going into shock, and we would transport
to her a vet quickly. Always phone the vet first.

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