How to Put on an earthdog Step-In Dog Harness: A Short Video Guide from earthdog

Hey everybody, Dave from earthdog here I’m here with Pow Wow we call him Pow for short and he’s gonna be our model today to show you how to put on the earthdog hemp step-in harness. We’ve got a fuchsia here, there are several colors available on the site and fortunately for us Pow is cool with wearing pink. So,the first thing you’re gonna do is open your buckle up and lay the harness down on the floor in front of your dog. You’re gonna step a paw in and you’re gonna step another paw in and then you’re gonna draw it up around your dog. Now typically this little paw motion is gonna happen and you’re gonna work with that until they get used to it. If you have a higher energy dog it may take a little, little practice but once they get used to the idea that they’re gonna put on this harness and go on a walk you should be able to train them pretty well to wear this. Click in the back and you’re done. I’m just going to make a few little adjustments, there’s an adjustment here and an adjustment here and you’re gonna adjust the sliders so that the harness is snug but not too tight, you want to give them room to wiggle for motion. Now the nice thing about the step-in design is you have two D-rings back here to attach your leash and it distributes the weight really nicely across the chest so when your dog pulls it’s not putting all of that stress on the neck and throat which can be damaging to them, especially the little guys. Our harnesses are all made from 100% hemp canvas. They’re hypoallergenic which means that if you have a dog that has any kind of skin sensitivity, fur loss, anything like that, a hemp harness is the way to go but it’s great for all dogs. It’s also great for you because they’re super easy to care for. You can throw these in the washing machine with your clothing and the dryer, put them in with your darks, run them through the laundry, take it out and you got your harness ready to go. Thanks for watching. We have another video available on our H-style. We hope that you’ll check us out at and have a great day.

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