How to Protect Your Houseplants from Bugs – Orkin Pest Control

Hi! Hello! How are you? Good, how are you? Very well, thank you. Hello. Good to see you. Guys thanks for having me! Now, let’s talk houseplants. Houseplants can be the perfect natural accent to any home, but you know they can also be the perfect natural habitat to many bugs. Now don’t worry, we’re not going to throw your potted pretties out just yet. There are five simple things you can do to help keep bugs away. Folks, the first thing you want to do is to select plants that are suitable for the light level in your home. If plants don’t get enough light, they can become stressed, and this makes them much more susceptible to infestation. Perfect! Thank you. Secondly, whenever you pot these plants, you want to make sure you’re using sterile soil. Oh! A lot of times if you use outside soil, you can inadvertently introduce insects and larvae into your inside plants. Number three. Now this may sound a little weird, but you can actually cut up a pet flea collar and place it under the very top layer of soil to protect your plants just like it does your pets. A few of these and you’ve created a barrier for your plants. Oh like a, like a fence. Yeah… a force field. Number four, dust on plant leaves can attract mites, so you want to make sure to gently clean those leaves with a damp cloth from time to time. Excellent. And here’s my fifth tip. If you do happen to notice that parts of the plant have become infested, you want to prune them immediately. This will help control spread to other parts of the plant. Nice job! And there you have it guys. Five simple things you can do to keep bugs away from your plants. Now if you do happen to notice an infestation in your household or your plants, you can always give me a call. I’ll set up a customized treatment plan that’ll help make sure the only plants that bugs set up shop in, are the ones outside your property line. Thanks again. Thanks.

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