How to Protect Yard with Natural Repellents – Orkin Pest Control

You know when the weather turns nice, everyone heads outside to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. Unfortunately, the best time to enjoy your yard is also the busiest time for pests. Now, wearing insect repellent is important, but you can add an extra layer of protection to your yard – and you can make it more beautiful – by adding these five pest-repelling plants to your landscaping. First, there’s catnip. Now this feline favorite packs a powerful punch. It contains essential oils that can be as effective at repelling pests as some of the store-bought repellents. And plus, since Fluffy loves it, wandering rodents will steer clear. Next we have citronella. Now, the lemon-scented oil from this little guy is so effective at repelling mosquitoes, that it’s used in outdoor candles, torches, and mosquito coils. Number three, marigolds. Now you probably know these small, hardy flowers by their bright orange and yellow blossoms. What you might not know is they give off a distinctive smell that keeps mosquitoes, aphids, even rabbits from getting too close. Now this is lavender, and its like a “Renaissancer” that does just little bit of everything. Not only does it help repel flies, moths, mosquitoes, and fleas, but its calming scent can be found on everything from soaps to sprays to toothpaste. You can even eat this stuff. Last but not least, we have mint. Now mint is what I like to call a “twofer,” because you get two helpful properties for the price of one. First, it helps repel pests, like mosquitoes. Then if one does happen to break through your defenses and bite you, you can grab a couple of mint leaves and rub it on the bite to prevent itching. And that’s it, five plants that can beautify your yard and help ward off pests. Now, just remember that as helpful as these plants may be, they won’t stop everything. So, if you’re still having a problem with pests, give me a call. I’ll develop a customized treatment plan that will help keep pests out of your out-of-doors.

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