How to Pronounce BEAR ? BEER ? BEARD ? BIRD ? /bɛr, bɪr, bɪrd, bɝd/ English Pronunciation Lesson

hi this is Jennifer from Tarle speech
and language with your pronunciation question today’s question is a long one
how do I say the words bear beer beard and bird these words have that pesky R
vowel in them and that means that spelling is not going to help us very
much so I’ve made us a color-coded schematic
here to help us um and let’s tackle these one at a time our first word is bear the
animal and this word is spelled b e AR but it is pronounced with the air vowel
bear the next word beer the delicious drink is spelled EE AR and is pronounced
with ear beer so for this air you’re going to open your mouth wide and then
move to that R sound and then for this ear you’re going to smile and then move
to the R sound you can see that the vowel in beer is the same as the vowel
in beard so again we have that ear vowel this time spelling is actually helping
us thank goodness and the e AR ear is going to be pronounced for this word be
sure to touch the tip of your tongue to the back of your top front teeth for
that D sound beard lastly we have the word bird which is the animal that flies
and this sound even though it’s spelled with an i R we are going to pronounce it
with just the short er sound and you’re going to do this by slightly rounding
your lips and the key is we are not touching the teeth with the tongue at
all the tip of your tongue should either be pulled back
or should be pointing down to the bottom of your mouth and again end the sound
with a D by touching the tip of your tongue to the back of your top front
teeth so let’s start from the bottom and go down bear bear bear beer beer beer beard beard beard bird bird bird let’s
give those all a try again beer I’m sorry bear beer beard bird since I made
a mistake let’s try them again bear beer beard bird and now in a sentence the man
with the beard was drinking a beer while he watched the bear and the bird give it
a try people are definitely going to notice the difference if you found this
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41 thoughts on “How to Pronounce BEAR ? BEER ? BEARD ? BIRD ? /bɛr, bɪr, bɪrd, bɝd/ English Pronunciation Lesson

  1. This week, learn how to pronounce the English words BEAR, BEER, BEARD, and BIRD correctly. Spelling confuses people so see below for a "cheat sheet" of how to pronounce the R vowels.

    BIRD= ER

  2. I like this video a lot because the spelling of these words confuse a lot ESL learners. Best wishes

  3. Fantastic lesson, Jennifer. Little by little I find that "r" easier, and today I have learned a new word: pesky. Thank you very much!

  4. Hi this was easy thanks? i am having a small problem with entrepreneur, i can actually pronounce but 'neur' section is a little bit different☺

  5. Thanks a lot, teacher!! And I have a quesiton. I can pronounce word as w3:rd but I don't know how to pronounce 'words' (added s). is it w3:rds or w3:rz?? Plz help me, teacher T.T

  6. i feel, i'm a BEAR, when i drink a bottle of BEERS, i get drunk, i'm touching my BEARD and i look in a mirror, i'm totally BARE, huh, tnx for that.

  7. These words were really confusing me. Thank you for explaining how to pronounce them . thank you teacher Jennifer

  8. I have no word to describe how useful it was for me. Now I noticed the differences all these words. Thank you a ton

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