How to Pronounce ɜːd & ɜːrd | BIRD, NERD & WORD

Bra is in place. Hi everyone, welcome back to
English with Max. Today I just have another short pronunciation video
for you. I do have some other longer videos planned about different topics,
so if you’re getting a bit tired of pronunciation videos, don’t worry there
will be some other videos up on YouTube very soon. Now, today we
are going to look at these three words. After I did my last video,
which was on beer, bear and beard, several people said to me: “Yes, but what about
‘bird’?” Which is why we are going to look at these words. Now, I know they might
look very different, but they all sound very similar. In fact the only sound that
changes is the first sound, so the first letter, basically. Before I continue,
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But Frank and George are here with us so everything is okay. Anyhow, let’s first
look at this word. This word is: bird. Bird. I’m sure you know what a bird is.
It’s the uh… They’re the little animals that fly. Well, most of them fly. You have exceptions like ostriches
and penguins, but most birds fly. “Bird” is the standard British and
Australian pronunciation. The standard American pronunciation is: bird. Bird. To
say it with an American accent, you have to make this part around your mouth a
bit tighter. And the tongue is a bit higher in the mouth. It’s a bit like when
you make the R sound. Ruh, ruh. Bird. Bird. Bird. It’s different
to this word. In British pronunciation this is: beard. Beard.
This word is: bird. Bird. In American pronunciation
this word is: beard. Beard. In American pronunciation
this word is: bird. Bird. This word is: nerd. Nerd.
It’s the same as bird, but the first sound changes, because
there is an N there. The ending is the same. At least it has the same pronunciation.
“What is a nerd?” you might ask. A nerd is a word we use for a person
who is normally quite smart, but is perhaps a bit socially awkward. So a bit
uncomfortable in social situations, and maybe not very stylish. If you watch
The Big Bang Theory, the four main guys in The Big Bang Theory are nerds.
It’s also a word we use for somebody who is very interested in one topic – to an
extent that other people find it a bit strange. For example, computer nerds,
Star Trek nerds… I’m a grammar nerd, for example, because I really like grammar.
Be careful a little bit with this word because you might offend somebody if you
call them a nerd. But it’s not really mean. You can normally say it without…
without offending too many people. Anyway, this word is pronounced
“nerd” in British pronunciation. In American pronunciation
it’s: nerd. Nerd. This word is: word.
I’m sure you know what a word is. “Word” is the standard Australian
and British pronunciation, and the standard American
pronunciation is: word. Word. So as you can see, “-ird”, “-erd” and “-ord”
can all be pronounced the same way. Don’t consider this a rule though. As you know,
in English there are lots of exceptions, so don’t think that “-ird” and “-erd” and “-ord”
are always pronounced “ɜːd”, because that is not the case.
I just wanted to show you that different combinations of letters can
often be pronounced the same way. I hope you found that useful.
If you did, as usual, please give me the thumbs up.
And if you have any comments or questions, don’t hesitate to leave them in the
comments section down below. See ya next time. Sub… subtitles Damn it…

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