How to Prevent Ticks, Worms and Fleas: Best Prevention Tips for Your Dog

Welcome to Yeti’s Place. This is Yeti the
Samoyed and I’m Yeti’s Mom. And on today’s video, we’re gonna talk about
wood tick, deer tick and heartworm prevention. How
to protect your doggy from those bad things. Up next, on Yeti’s Place. Oh Yeti, you’re
slobbering all over me. Yuck! Airborne slobber. Ewww! And gross! It’s on my feet
too? Yeti! Ohhh! Welcome to Yeti’s Place. This is Yeti
the Samoyed and I’m Yeti’s Mom and on this channel, if you’re new here, please be
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down below. Our late Samoyed, Chewy, every month, would get Frontline, Heart Guard. The Frontline helped protect him from fleas and ticks. And then the Heart Guard,
helped protect him from…. Yeti, you’re slobbering on me….worms and heart worms. The problem with
the Frontline, is it’s a liquid. You have to put it on their back. Well, on a Samoyed, that’s a bit tricky to find their skin. Another problem with the Frontline,
you have to keep them dry for full 48 hours. It’s very difficult if you’re
walking them in the rain. What we would experience with the Frontline, was it
helped a lot, but we’d find big, giant, huge, massive wood ticks.
Because they start off small, get to be giant. Like the size of a dime. We asked
Yeti’s vet, well what type of tick prevention should we have him on? What
type of heartworm prevention should we have him on? Yeti’s vet, recommended 2
products. The first product, was Simparica. And Simparica helps protect
against flea and ticks. Interceptor, is the second product that Yeti gets on a
monthly basis. Interceptor is heartworm prevention, as well as the other nasty
worms, like round worm, hook worm, whip worm and adult tapeworm. Oh Sweetie! C-come on, stop it!
Oh, sit! Yeti! The beginning of every month, he gets his Interceptor and
his Simparica medicine.They’re chewable and they taste really good to him.
Today’s the day that Yeti gets both of them. So the first one that I’m going to
give Yeti, is his Simparica, which is for a flea and tick protection. Comes in a little
package like this. See Yeti’s going crazy over it. He thinks it’s a treat. I
don’t know what it tastes like and I am NOT going to try this one. Anyways this
is the Simparica. He’s going crazy over it. He likes it. He’s gonna eat it. See, he inhaled it. You doing good, Yeti?
Are you okay? You’re okay, yeah. So the next medicine
that we are giving, is for heartworm and all the other bad worms. It is called
Interceptor Plus. It comes in a little package like this. Yeti, of course, is
going crazy over it. I have to hold him back. So this is what the Interceptor
looks like. So I always break this one in half and give it to Yeti, because one
time, I did not have it broken in half and Yeti spit it out and it rolled
underneath our fridge. It was not cool and I had to hold him back because he’s
been crazy dog tonight. He’s been drooling all over me and just doing crazy stuff. So as
you can tell, Yeti likes his monthly medicines. We give them to him on the
1st of every month and the reason why we give him those medicines, is to help
protect him from all those nasty bugs and nasty things outside. Because ticks,
wood ticks and deer ticks can actually cause Lyme’s disease, which is very
harmful for both people, as well as dogs. It helps protect them from fleas.
Multiple fleas spread around your house. They can get on people and they can
can cause a lot of itching and irritation and just nastiness and they
multiply and you cannot get rid of them. Protect yourself and protect your dog,
preventing them from even coming into your house, through the right medicine. In
fact, whenever Yeti gets a tick on him, I have not found one single tick that has
grown to be the huge, giant size that Chewy would get. Chewy was on the
Frontline, which is that liquidy stuff that you put on their back. So he would
get wood ticks that would just grow to be the size of a grape tomato. Oh those
things were nasty! With Yeti, all I’m finding are just the little,
small wood ticks. Not deer ticks at all, because these guys are bigger than, than deer ticks. Those I have found and I have been able to just pull them off his fur, because they’re
just crawling around on him and flush them. I’m sorry Yeti,
no more treats for you. Nope, no more Interceptor. No more. No more of your meds. You’re all done with your meds now for the day. For the month.
So thank you so much you guys for watching. If you’re new to this channel,
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5 thoughts on “How to Prevent Ticks, Worms and Fleas: Best Prevention Tips for Your Dog

  1. It's summertime in Wisconsin. With summer, comes fleas and ticks. Yeti the Samoyed gets his monthly medicine to protect from fleas/ticks and worms. Find out the difference between Frontline, Interceptor and Simparica. How well do they work? Do they help?

  2. Thank you for the information! My dog takes interceptor as well. I can’t remember the tablet my dog tried for fleas and ticks. But of course this silly dog was allergic to it. I just shake my head thinking, of course he was lol. Yeti is just sooo cute!!

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