How to Prepare your Home for a Perimeter Pest Control Treatment |

Before you apply your preventative
perimeter pest control treatment, here are a few easy steps you can take to
help make the exterior of your home unwelcoming for pests. Inspect the exterior of the structure, looking for any openings or areas where pests could
enter your home. Seal and repair potential pest entry points, including gaps around garage doors, window frames, and door frames. Replace or repair any missing or broken window screens, door sweeps, weather stripping, soffits, or vent covers to stop pests from entering your home. Rake back mulch, pine straw, or other
bedding at least six inches from the foundation. This will help create a dry
zone that discourages pests and makes an ideal zone to apply your perimeter pest
control. Clean out gutters and downspouts as insects and pests are known to harbor
in these areas. Cut back trees and shrubs so that they don’t touch your home. And it’s that easy with the expert help from Subscribe to our channel for more DIY and product videos.

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