How to Prepare Before Getting a Dog

Hey guys, it’s Nicole and Albert here from
Relax My Dog. So we’re back again with another Relax My Dog vlog. We here every week answering
your questions about dogs and about how to look after them. This week we’re going to
be answering Imogen’s question from the last vlog, which is how to prepare for your first
dog. We really hope you enjoy the video, if you do give us a big thumbs up, and if you
haven’t subscribed then make sure that you click that button! So one of the first things
that you need to consider before getting a dog is the time and lifestyle implications
that it’s going to have on you. If you’re one of these people that work 20 hours a day,
then having a dog probably isn’t the best bet for you. You need to consider the amount
of time that they are going to be on their own throughout the day, or whether you have
a dog friendly office like ours, which is great! Having a dog is a lot of work, and
you really need to consider this before you commit to having one. Which leads me on to
my next point, many people will get a dog and they won’t consider these lifestyle implications,
and they will end up giving away their dog. So this leads to thousands of dogs in the
UK every week being given up for adoption. So could you be one of the people that rescues
or rehomes a dog? It does take a lot of work, and sometimes it can be harder to train them
when they’re a little bit older, but I did the same with Albert – I rehomed Albert at
four months and now nine months old and he is perfect! Now the next step is choosing
your breed. This can take a lot of time and effort, and you might want to spend some time
with the breeds as well, just to make sure that they are the right breed for you. There’s
a lot of things to consider, allergies – if you have any, the temperament of the dog,
the size of the dog in comparison to your living accommodation, and the amount of exercise
that they need – will that fit in with your daily routine? Will it fit in with your schedule?
Once you have decided on the right breed for you, you then need to safety check your house
before your dog comes home. Especially if you’re getting a puppy – they will investigate
everything with their noses and their mouthes, so if there is anything dangerous our – cleaning
products etc, or anything expensive that you don’t want to get chewed – you need to make
sure that these are not within your puppies reach. Personally I think a really important
thing to happen before you bring your puppy home is buying a crate. I’ve crate trained
Albert at four months and it really wasn’t that difficult. At first they will whine and
whimper, as it’s not normal for them to be left alone when they are that age. It is going
to be quite a stressful time for them, but once they are trained they will end up seeing
that crate as a safe place that will be their little home. Persevere with it, and it will
make your training so much easier and it will make it a lot easier to make your dog the
perfect dog for you. So another really important thing to research before you bring your dog
home is service providers. Any people that you’re going to need to take care of your
dog. The obvious – you need a veterinarian, that’s a very important thing and it’s something
that I did quite a lot of research on. It need to be the right price and the right person
more importantly. I wanted to speak to the vets, I wanted to speak to the nurses, and
I wanted to make sure that I trusted them with my animal. Other service providers you
may need are dog sitters, dog walkers, dog groomers. With all of these people you need
to find out more about them, you need to find out whether you trust them. It’s similar to
having a baby – you wouldn’t trust a stranger with your baby and it’s exactly the same for
dogs. I wanted to speak to them, find out more about them. A really good thing to do
is to find out references and speak to people who have used them as service providers in
the past. This will give you a really honest opinion about their service, and about how
they treat animals. The final piece of advice that I will give you before bringing your
dog home is to establish some kind of routine with his primary care givers. This may just
be you, it may be you and your partner, it may be you, your partner and your children.
You need to make sure that he knows who’s going to feed him, when he is going to be
fed, what he is going to be fed, when he’s going on a walk, where he is going to be kept
when you’re out. Everything needs to be decided before he comes home, because there’s nothing
more important than having an established routine for your puppy. This is how you’re
going to train him, this is how he is going to learn to not misbehave. It’s really important
to decide where he is going to sleep, whether he is going to be in a crate, or just on a
dog bed. If he is going to be in a crate – where is the crate going to be? Is it going to be
downstairs, is it going to be in a bedroom? All of these things, your dog needs to know
exactly what’s going to on. He needs to know his routine. This will stop any misbehaviour,
and it will make training so much easier for you. So there are some of my top tips on things
that you need to do before getting a dog. There’s a lot to think about, there really
is. But people will spend years preparing for a baby, and you have to think of it as
the same thing. There’s a lot of people that just go out and buy a dog on a whim, and this
is just not how it is supposed to be. You need to be prepared, make sure that you have
his collar, his name tag, make sure that everything is sorted before he comes home. And then he
is sure to be a very happy puppy! So we really hope you found this video useful Let us know
what kind of dog that you do decide to get, and let us know if any of the tips that you
now have worked, or if you have any extra things to add. We also love hearing your suggestions
and that is usually what we base our vlogs on, so if you have any suggestions for future
vlogs or you want to know anything about the care of dogs – just let us know in the comment
section and we will get back to you. If you did enjoy the video please give us a nice
thumbs up, if you haven’t subscribed make sure you do! From me and Albert here at Relax
My Dog, we’ll see you again next week for the next vlog. Bye!

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  1. Hi, I'm the youngest of the family, and my brother and i have wanted a dog for YEARS! And our parents have finally said yes, so we r getting it at the end of the year. Anyways, do u know what dog breeds r good with cats? because we have a very nervous cat, so she needs to feel safe, plz help
    Thanks x

  2. her:choose the breed
    me:border collie
    her:this takes allot of time and considoration
    me:im just gonna get a border collie

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