How to Pick Family Pets : How Much Do Pets Cost?

Hi, I’m Jessica and I’m here for
and I’m here to talk to you today about great family pets here at the Pet Stop in Rancho
Cucamonga, California. The price of a pet really depends where you are located and you
know what part of anywhere that you at. You want to make sure you don’t go somewhere to
high price and they are locally breed. You want something that is locally breed it is
cheaper and that is alway good. Dogs are actually something that have probably the biggest range
of price I think. You can go somewhere and actually get a local breed puppy from a breeder
wants to sell for $100. You can have breeders who sale there puppies on wards I would say
$4,000-$5,000 really. Cats also depend also but I would say anywhere from a mixed breed
to $25 or a prebreed kitten with papers could go for a couple of $1,000 also. Prices are
one thing that you probably don’t have to think about buying a pet as far as quality
of your pet resulting from price. The price tag is really just either in the whole sale
department private party you know what they think there pets are worth, what they put
into them, you know. So if somebody wants to sell there animals really cheaper it does
not necessarily means there are not a good quality. You just want to make sure that the
place that they come from is a good quality place.

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