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When deciding to choose a new pet rat, you’re
generally going to have to decide whether you want to go through a standard pet store
chain, which is probably where most people would acquire one, or if you want to go through
adoption, or if you want to go through a breeder. And generally I think that those are the three
categories or the three places where somebody could acquire a new pet rat. If you choose to go through a breeder, generally
it means that you’re looking for a very specific breed, a very specific variety or type of
rat, or even a specific color pattern or color mutation of the rat. And breeders can be found both through local
rat clubs, you can often find breeders by going online and doing internet searches,
as a means to find them. The majority of people probably are getting
their pet rats through rescues. There are a lot of rescue organizations. There are a lot of people who choose to take
in unwanted rats, who take in litters of rats when somebody unexpectedly has one, or the
rescues will often acquire the rats through hoarding type situations, which is an unfortunate
aspect of what sometimes happens with these animals, and they’ll take in a large number
of them, and then have to go through the process of rehoming them. Otherwise, people will sometimes go to the
pet store to find a rat. Sometimes the rats that are available in pet
stores are actually there, and intended to be sold as, food for reptiles, like snakes. So, sometimes it’s most ideal to consider
going through adoption, going through a rescue organization, to try to pick out the type
of rat that you want. When looking for a rat, generally you want
to find one that’s happy, healthy, looks contended, is social, doesn’t appear to be fearful, looks
like it has pretty clean, healthy-looking eyes, no nasal discharge, no trouble breathing,
overall appearance of that rat looks like a generally healthy animal with a well-maintained
coat, normal activity, normal alertness, and find what’s most appropriate for you. Most people choose to adopt a rat that’s younger,
that way they can socialize it, that way they can handle it more, that way they can raise
it in the way that they want, and have it used to their home life and to their environment. So overall, when choosing a rat, look for
a healthy animal, decide if in fact, you need a specific type of variety, but most people
don’t. You can generally check online or check with
local rat groups, check with local veterinarians that see and treat rats, and try to get put
in touch with rescue organizations, sanctuaries, or generally people who do pet rescue, that
may have a number of rats available for adoption.

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  1. For the people hwo say there nasty gess what there only as nasty as u make them u don't take care of them properly that's wat happens I have rats Dumbo and hairless so I know

  2. Ohhhh no! A rat! How horribly dreadful. An animal. Rats aren't gross. If your house is nasty enough to get RATS (not mice, rats), then YOU have clean up. They see it as an easy food source. Just as a bird, dog, or cat would. And if a fish could, it would too. There are fish that live off bacteria, and no one bats an eye. Same concept. Get over it.

  3. Ahh…people's ignorance about mice and rats in the comment section. I find mice and rats one of the cutest animals on Earth. Rats and mice clean themselves quite a lot, more than cats it seems. They're definitely cleaner than dogs and are pretty intelligent, can learn tricks, and are affectionate IF you play with them daily. They smell fresher than their cage area. Care for them properly, and they will be amazing pets.

  4. You can teach them not to, if you try hard enough, you can teach them to use a litter tray that you keep nearby when you have them out.

  5. I tried to get a rat from the spca and they told me they were "sweet and sociable". These things were obviously never socialized and tried to lunge at whomever came near. I feel sorry for the person who buys one of these for their kid or something.

  6. To pick out a rat, well actually any animal, yeah it needs to be healthy, but if you and that animal 'click' the first time you meet, you know that's the one. And if you really will love the animal, you should be willing to make them healthy. You could also work with social skills with the animal. And I don't think looks really matter…. If you and the pet 'click' what it looks like shouldn't matter. Looks can be deceiving.

  7. Haha! 0:18 lower left corner. Sitcking his nose out sniffing, isn't that the cutest thing ever! I don't get why some people think pet rats are disgusting.

  8. Rats are very loving pets and like what he said it all comes down too who you pick out I've had four rats I'm getting two more this month but half the people seem to hate their tails

  9. One time I had a rat and she stuck her nose in my ear and sniffed it.

    Dunno why some people dislike rats so much, they're great.

  10. I have three rats right now and they're just the best pets ever! They're so smart and social and loving! I don't really get why the tails bother people so much but I have been hit in the face with a wet rat tail before, so….

  11. Personally I prefer pet store rats. I know they are intended to be sold as snake food and therefore are usually mistreated. I like the idea of giving them a new, better life than what was originally planned for them, and the workers usually seem grateful to hear they will become a loved pet rather than the alternative.

  12. I've been wanting a couple of pet rats for around four years now. My mother dislikes them. She thinks they're dirty and full of diseases. I've read that they're bred specifically to be pets and are even cleaner than cats. I'm trying to talk her into buying me some instead of a laptop for Christmas. She seems to be giving in lol. Hopefully she does buy me some because they deserved to be loved just as much as any other animal. A lot of my family has even talked down upon me and made me feel bad about myself for liking/wanting rats. It's a shame because they seem so loving and cute. If my mother doesn't buy me any for Christmas, I will definitely buy some when i get my own apartment in a few years or so.

  13. All my rats were pet store babies, and you really get a mixed bag as far as personality goes. When I got the first one and the employee went to put him in his box to come home he seemed scared of him and lifted him by the tail. He wasn't even sure about gender and had to check three times. My second (purchased from the same store three days later after some research on rats and their social needs) was boxed by a different employee who actually seemed to know rats and how to handle them. Both were skittish and would run away if a hand was put in their cage at the store. They didn't like being held and wouldn't accept food from me. BUT this didn't stay. I got them when they were a few weeks old and now at almost a year I have one napping in my shirt and the other "helping" me type. And that about sums up their personalities. Bartholomew is my little assistant, running about, helping and giving kisses. Dantès is chill and loves to cuddle. It just took a little extra work to gain their trust. They were by no means permanently skittish. I can barely get a moment of peace now. Not that I mind. By comparison, my third rat, Sokka, was also a pet store baby, but a different store and unlike the other two he's a dumbo rex, so while he could be a food rat he was bred to be a pet and thus received a lot more handling prior to my care. When I put my hand in his cage he and his littermates ran up to greet me, and inspect my hand. So obviously he'd be the most affectionate, right? Nope. He's more the adventurer type. Racing about, getting into trouble, and stealing treats from his brothers so he doesn't have to perform his tricks. He's the least enthusiastic of my ratties about being man handled. Pet store rats may take a little more work at the start, but they each have their own personalities. Just because they're skittish at the start doesn't mean they won't become loving pets. Likewise a friendly rat may or may not grow up to be the cuddle bug you hoped for.

  14. I bought my two boys at a small pet store where they breed dumbos. Dad was all white with black eyes and mom was black hooded and I have a black hooded and gray hooded

  15. I got my rat through repticon. 'Saved' him from being reptile food. He's really sweet and social. He was actually fully grown when I got him and they gave him to me for $2.

  16. I work at a petstore, and we have more pet rats than hamsters. We take them out everyday to socialize with staff and clients. They always are in at least pairs, and we sell them as pairs. Ive never had a rat that was a mean one, they all loved to be petted and to play with everybody.

  17. I forgot why I picked a black and white one at the pet store but I picked a tan and white one because it kept running on the wheel lol

  18. I love rats but I'm not allowed to get one. Even though I have proved numerous times that I can take care of mice and hamsters.

  19. I feel bad for most rats bcuz in places like petsmart, they dont treat the animals the way they are supposed to. Also, people think rats and mice are bad just bcuz they think that they do things they dont do.

  20. *RATS!! You always need to have at least two rats, even if you already have rats they might not get along, or the new rats might be scared because they've been ripped away from their previous homes.

  21. I love rats I went to pet smart to pick up the other rat and the girl was afraid of it and literally asked me to pick it up

  22. I hope you will go through the Rat and Mouse Club of America to find your next rattie or mouse. You will be able to network with people in your area who love rats too! Its great to find others locally who share our passion and start your own local club!

  23. If you unluck out and get a biter, put it down. They are hopeless, bad breeding bad genes. start over with another rattie of good nature that will love you adore you and deserve the home it has…JS

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