How to Pick a Healthy Hamster : Selecting a Hamster

On behalf of Expert Village, I am going to
show you how to pick a healthy hamster. Hamsters originated from Southern China, Eastern Asia.
They are considered a rodent and they have become very popular in the United States as
pets. The reason they have become so popular is because they are very easy to take care
of and kids love them. Hamsters have a great personality and they get along well with children.
Kids love hamsters because they are easily handled and they are very friendly. Hamsters
come in several different shapes and sizes so there is one for everybody. We have short
haired hamsters. They are usually the brown with the white; a golden hamster is what they
are called. There are black bear hamsters. Most of them are black with little white on
their paws.
Panda bear hamsters get their names because of the black and white coloring and looks
like a panda bear. The most popular hamsters are the teddy bear hamsters because they are
so furry. These are the ones that the kids love.

100 thoughts on “How to Pick a Healthy Hamster : Selecting a Hamster

  1. I want the roborovski hamster would they do good in the midwest kind of climate colder because I have a little cage for a little hamster and I live in the midwest what kind of dwarf hamster should I get please reply thank you bye

  2. Please see my video "Hamster Cookies Home" from ALXDO1. I like to show how to care for a Syrian-hamster.

  3. It says in the title "Selecting a hamster" there are a series of videos which you should follow to get a healthy hamster. This video is actually about selecting a hamster which is why she is showing you the types -.- jeez people.

  4. How do I convince my parents to let me get another hamster? Im just sick and tired of my hamster biting its bar metal cage..I pput wood treats but my hamster ignores it

  5. @iLuvManghos How would getting another hamster help? I suppose you have a Syrian hamster, which are solitary animals so you shouldn't put another hamster with them (ignore how pet stores just stuff them together to save money). As far as I know it's pretty hard to keep a hamster from biting bars sometimes, but you could try getting a bigger cage for it to explore and perhaps some extra toys. It is also possible the hamster is trying to get your attention so you come and play with it. 🙂

  6. @tenmashi I have a dwarf hamster, and im makin a homemade cage right now it's turning out pretty awesome, so i hope she will like it, and i bought more wood treats so she can notice them, i hope it works :D. And I spend a lot of time with my hamster every day. 🙂

  7. @tenmashi I also want to get another hamster because I'm not home for like 3 hours and I wonder if she gets lonely, and i read that they like it better when they'r in groups.

  8. @tenmashi I have a dwarf hamster (short haired) She's very friendly, im not home often but my brother is and he just ignores her, he isn't really interested in her. And when I DO get home i just do what my parents ask me, and then i start paying attention to her. I read on the internet that they are supposed to be in groups. Kinda like they prefer it that way.

  9. aaawwww i am looking for hamsters that look as amazing as in this video and i cant find :/ they seems so big cute and well i am melting like butter here lol 😀

  10. she cant anything about hamsters xD she looks at them and describe them, and how are beginners going to choose hamsters when she does not talk about that? omg, low range -.-

  11. She looks like shes trying to squish them all….feeling v sorry for them, they look extremely tubby too.

  12. Are Short Haired Hamsters and Syrian Hamsters the same thing? Sorry if I sound like an idiot, but I may get a hamster soon ^.^


  14. its kind of funny, all she did was show one kind of hamster. There are syrians, Campbell dwarfs, robo dwarfs, winter whites, and chinese dwarfs. in case you wanted to know which im sure you didnt. i feel like im being rude. i probably am….

  15. First of all this lady doesn't know her hamster types there all Syrian and she should sound happier

  16. there is no such thing as a golden hamster or a black bear hamster there are only 5 types of hamsters Syrian, dwarf ,robo ,winter white and chinese

  17. 1 second ago

    hi me and my friend do a channel called hamster friends we play with are hamsters and give they baths and fun stuff like that please subscribe rate comment

  18. First off this woman has ZERO personality, she only talks about one Breed of hamsters, and she can't even pick up the hamster properly.. Expert village is like beginner village to me

  19. She Just Killed My Dream Of Getting A Hamster …….! What The Fuck I Got Lost When She Started Talking About The Types …. Theie The Same Breed

  20. The hamsters are all Syrian  hamsters. They are solitary, so I hope you don't plan on keeping them together. They are not suitable for children and are very high in maintenance… I know she is a pet store worker, but she has to know about the pet that she is trying to sell. She is setting a bad example for people learning to care for hamsters… I could understand them keeping dwarf hamsters together, but Syrian hamsters are solitary. I am only leaving this comment to inform readers… All the names that she is calling them are made up… Some people think they are a different species, but really they are all the same.. except for robos, winter whites, chinese, and russian dwarves. You should never get all of your information from a pet store. All they want to do is make money…

  21. Oh my gosh! Hamsters are NOT in breeds, they are in species. The Black Bear and Golden are the same one, just different colors. Any basic caretaker would know that! Geez. Try to study before making a video. Anyway, I am not trusting Expert Village with the care of my hamsters. They are much to hard to take care of to trust this channel. Good Bye!

    (Sorry if I offended you I am trying my best not to explode.) 🙂

  22. this isn't right at all they wherre just different colors of syrians she didnt show any other breeds of hamster…

  23. Facepalming rapidly why did I click this, WHYY. This is like ignorance in a jar, hamsters aren't for kids that love cuddling. They are hard to tame and if they aren't properly socialized they will bite and be extremely fearful. Petshops ALWAYS try to make you buy their stock by making them sound as simple and cuddly as teddybears…

  24. she cant even handle the hamster and second there is no such thing as a teddy bear hamster there is no hamster with bear in there name the pet shops put it so people will be more interested ????

  25. one tip don't keep 2 hamsters or more in a cage because they're fight and you might get a dead litle cute ?????????????????????????????????

  26. you are lying there are no such thing as panda hamsters or teddy bear or black bear you're just putting more names on them it's just a Syrian hamster and stop lying!!!

  27. oh by the way you just showed us what colors of the Syrian hamsters instead of actually showing us how to pick a healthy hamster

  28. liar, those are all Syrians!(please don't trick little kids into buying a expensive 'special' hamster!)

  29. This information on this clip is mostly untrue. DO NOT listen fully to this clip. I suggest viewing @JoyGeorgina or @HoppingHammy's channel, they provide expert hamster care.

  30. There is no such thing as a blackbear hamster Teddy bear hamster ect.their just Syrians .Also there are short haired Syrians and long haired Syrians nothing else

  31. XD those were all the same hamster breed just different colors and there was nothing on “picking a healthy hamster” and she was holding them wrong and those kinds are solitary

  32. Teddy bear hamsters, bear hamsters, and panda bear hamsters are all Syrian hamsters. Don’t trust pet shops ??

  33. “Expert” yeah sure

    Edit: she just said that short haired, are the ones that are golden, that’s not true, I have a short haired Syrian and her fur is grey/black.

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