68 thoughts on “How to Personalize Christmas Elves & Stuffed Animals with Iron-On Vinyl

  1. Oh my goodness Jennifer, this video is amazing!! You are so sweet to share all the accessories and templates with us. I love this gift idea. I have a few of these elves but they are hard to find! They offer them by the case but I don’t need that many? thank you SO much for this tutorial. I truly appreciate you ❤️

  2. I want to learn how to engrave on spatulas.. great video. I made my elves in the beginning of November. I thought it was a very cute idea for my niece and nephew.

  3. Since yesterday, i can’t open the door on your homepage, i have to search on youtube for your new video and then choose the link under back to “you”. Anyone experiencing the same?
    Your things are awesome, though, thanks for them!

  4. I would love to see a how to on Engraving Spatulas. Thank you for all of the tutorials that you put out there they are very much appreciated!

  5. I not only love your projects, I love how many tips and tricks you include in your projects. Like consolidating those small bits and colors onto one mat, or even showing newbies how to download and upload your designs into Design Space. I know when I started learning how to use my Cricut Maker it was really helpful.
    Now I have to add a trip to the Dollar Tree to pick up some of those stuffed animals. LOL

  6. I’ve been making these but didn’t realize I could change the hair color thank you for all the tips
    I’m up for both of these ideas the tumbler and the engraving
    Haven’t used my engraving tool yet ?

  7. I just can't get over how creative and talented you are. This isn't likely a project I will do, but I enjoyed the tutorial anyway.

  8. I've been wanting to do these but wouldn't because I didn't know how to change the colour of their skin without ruining it. I love this, thank you so much!

  9. Wonderful Video! Thank you! Ive been wondering about vinyling fluffy things.

    Oh my! Both are great choices! I think I'll choose the snow globe tumbler video.

  10. such a great idea, as always!!! I would love to see how to engrave in the spatula (but I'd also love to see the snowglobe tumbler)….maybe both??? 🙂

  11. I would love to make how the snowglobe tumbler. I don't have a Maker so engraving is not an option for me right now. Thank you for what ever you choose.

  12. Snow globe Tumbler, please…Thanks for sharing love all your projects just don't get around to doing them soon enough. I get sidetracked with all your videos I'm ADD/ADHD wish I'd known that while I was struggling in school and college. LOL

  13. I would like to see how you would engrave on the spatula… I've did the elves for my grandkids last year and they loved it!!!

  14. Can you please show us how to monogram a wooden tray? ??? Stencil? Vinyl? What's a good sealant for a tray (food safe)??? I have trays that I want to gift for the holidays, but too scared to actually start the project.

  15. Wow, that's a tough deciscion as far as which project. I love snow globes! yet etching would be more practical, LOL. Since it's the holidays I think I will go for the Snow globe tumbler. If I ever get a Maker would love to see the etching of the spatula.

  16. Jennifer – These are very cute with the names. This is a very good tutorial & I appreciate you for explaining the process to do this project with clear easy to understand directions. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us. ?

  17. Shout out to Jennifer for showing everyone how to have a more inclusive Christmas. I don't have a Cricut yet and I don't celebrate Christmas but I love your videos and tutorials and one day I hope to be able to put them into practice even if it's not until I get the cricket from the library back in about 6 months

  18. You are simply the best. No one else can explain things the way you do. I really enjoyed watching your tutorials and really appreciate your help and your knowledge about these machines.


  19. Thanks Jennifer for an informative video. Could you please let me know how long the iron on vinyl will last on the plushies. thanks.

  20. So cool, thank you once again for all the tips, designs, and tutorials. These are so cute, and it's a excellent way to use up pieces of my scrap iron on that I just can't seem to throw out!

  21. I can't decide. I would love to know what a snowglobe tumbler would look like, but I so want to see how to engrave the spatula because it's a different medium. Maybe one one day and one the next?

  22. I love and appreciate all your tutorials! Being Canadian and lining in a province with a large moose population I had to mention that the plural of Moose is moose. ☺️

  23. Such adorable and easy projects. I'll be doing my grandson new elf shortly! Thank you for the video. Oh, and I'd like to see the engraving on the spatula.

  24. I love the Elves and have a few that I have personalized. More to do. Thank you for all the awesome videos and the library.

  25. I love your videos! I aspire to do my videos just as amazing as yours someday! Can't wait to try these elves! I just got myself the easypress mini, so this would definitely make me take it out of the box. I would love to see you make the tumbler. I haven't tried one of those yet.

  26. Oh my goodness!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU for this step by step tutorial! You explained so well and showed how to do it better than any other video I’ve seen! I now feel confident enough to try this. Wish me luck..lol. So glad for You! Your coach book Is fabulous, I printed it all out.

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