How to Patch a Rodent Hole – Orkin Pest Control

See in order to gain access to your home, all a rat needs is a very tiny entry point. A gap in the wall, or something, about the size of, yea, a quarter. And for mice, it’s even smaller. But I’ve got a quick fix for that. First, you’re gonna take a little bit of steel wool. You’re just gonna wad that steel wool up and plug up this hole. Now for those of you with delicate fingers, you might want to put some work gloves on. Wad your steel wool up in nice little ball like that, just plug that hole get it nice and packed in there. And then, you’re gonna seal it off with some caulk. Just caulk all of that over, get all of that in, very nice. Make sure you use something to flatten it out to make it look nice. And, yes, you can always give us a call. We’ll take care of them for you.

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