43 thoughts on “How to Paper-Train Your Dog

  1. This is how I have trained all my dogs. They left out some important information though. When you let the dog out of the "training area" never take your eyes off them. I don't care if you intended to let them out for a long time, if something comes up where you can not have your full attention on the dog, put them back in the training room. If they pee or poo outside the training area even once, you will be training for much much longer then if you strictly watch them on "out of training" time.

  2. 6 to 8 weeks later we have pups that will only pee on newspapers no matter where you put them and virtually 0 accidents. (unless you don't put paper down of course)

  3. Yeah, but now my Golden retriever is eating ALL THE PAPERZ!!

    Seriously though, I see him walking sniffing everything, thinking hes gonna poop/pee but suddenly, he eat's whatever is sticking out, wether it be a slight crease/bend in the paper or a ripped part. Please help and tell me what to do!!

  4. How long should I leave my puppy in the training area?. I leave my puppy all night and half of the day in the training area after I watched this video, but she never seems to want to poop. Only outside of the training area… What should I do?

  5. My 12 week old chocolate lab caught on in only two days. He only potties in a special room which used to be my darkroom for media development down in the basement on newspaper. He's a good boy!

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  7. oh my God I did this to my baby 3 months chihuahua but I used like these flat diapers she still doesn't learn
    she is a pocket dog not the one that goes outside

  8. My dog is paper trained but when I let him out of the laundry are where he is kept he does his business on my kitchen or the living room. Help please

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  10. U should put down underneath the paper a plastic or a table cloth that will stop the wetness from going to the floor or use the wee pad. Next time when u see a dog trying to do his business take them out quickly outside and wait for them And reword them with a treat

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  12. Dogs learn by association so I think people should assist their dogs by taking it to the potty area, give a command like go potty, wait, If they go then reward with treat and praise. Leaving papers all around it unsupervised will only encourage them to chew on it.

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