How to Pack for Vacation : How to Travel with Pets

Hi, Chrissy Lyons back on behalf for expert
village as we continue in our travel talk. This segment we’re going to talk about pet
travel. As you can see I have little helper here. This is Sophie. Sophie loves to travel.
We go lots of places together. When you travel with a pet, first and foremost, you should
find out the rules and regulations that may pertain to where you’re going. Traveling by
air, they have set regulations that you have to follow and I think the same is with train.
I’m not sure that you can take animals on cruise ships just yet. When you go, look ahead
of time and find out the things that you’re regulated by. When we travel, also, as she
goes in her little carry case, you’ll notice we still keep on a harness or a collar so
if they get skittish and when they come out and they’re going to dart off, all you have
to do really quick is clip on their leash so that they’re always just right at your
fingertips. Sophie, get in, good girl. Also, take along some of the toys that you know
that they like to play with and that they’re occupied by. When you have these little congs,
it’s a good idea, you can put little treats or cookies inside and it keeps them occupied
for a while as they try to get them out. Sometimes peanut butter is a good treat to stick in
there too. But then, check this out, she has her own traveling case. In it we have her
traveling bowels. Such a neat idea for when you’ve got treats, or cookies, or water that
you can just set down anywhere and you always have them handy. Hey Sophie, you know about
those don’t you? What you see? As always, I keep the water handy just in case. Just
to show you the things that you can have handy when you’re going to travel cause nowadays
you’ll find that we take our pets a lot more places then we used to, but we’re ready to
go. I hope you are. Enjoy traveling with your pet.

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