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you've had dogs you've had cats but maybe it's time to get a pet that's a little bit more exotic and a lot more awesome it's time to own a pet tiger oh it sounds a little Joe not necessarily it sounds badass because this is epic how to having how to taking care of a pet tiger is a huge responsibility that most people aren't financially and or emotionally ready for here are some uncomfortable facts for your face 21 people have died as a result of keeping a big cat as a pet from 1990 to 2011 and more have been seriously injured plus tragically thousands of exotic pets die every year mostly due to improper care and a tiger isn't exactly an easy pet to give away if it becomes too much work for your lazy ass don't even think about owning a tiger if you're not ready to safely and humanely care for it to legally own an exotic pet such as a tiger you're gonna need to get a license or permit from your state's Fish and Wildlife Department this process can be difficult and time-consuming requirements vary by state but you'll most likely have to take a test fill out forms pay fees and wait up to eight weeks eight weeks from a tiger when but you don't have to go through a ton of legal red tape you can move to a state that doesn't require a permit to own a tiger like one of these of those states Alabama doesn't allow the import of tigers so unless you can find a tiger already in state you're out of luck you can go to South Carolina but many counties in South Carolina ban Tigers as pets all together why take the chance wisconsin only allows ownership of tigers for exhibition or advertising purposes not as pets but in nevada you're free and clear to own your own pet tiger god bless the nevada state legislature also please remember that I am NOT a lawyer and this is not actual legal advice so double-check everything with your local authorities before you go off and buy a tiger and say but joe said it was okay because I didn't one of the smallest costs of buying a tiger is actually buying the tiger who knew now it's cheaper and easier to buy a tiger as its cub most Cubs will run around a couple thousand dollars seriously there are only two thousand dollars as opposed to the ten thousand dollars you're gonna spend for an adult now be advised you're cute and cuddly tiger cub is not gonna stay a cute and cuddly tiger cub for long tigers go to adult size at 11 months old moving on the easiest way to purchase a tiger is to look online while there's no Amazon for Tigers websites like pre ad City allow breeders to post classified ads allowing you to shop around for the tiger cub of your dreams congratulations you're a proud owner of a little tiger cub while she's in transit make sure you have the proper equipment to make her feel at home but be warned cuz now it's gonna get expensive first you're gonna need a stainless steel squeeze cage capable of holding your tiger at its max weight which could be anywhere up to 850 nightmare-inducing pounds it's not only illegal to own a tiger without a cage but extremely dangerous as well a good squeeze cage starts around two hundred and fifty bucks used next you're gonna need at least five acres of land that may seem like a lot but you own the tiger buddy needs room to run around you're also gonna need an 8 foot high perimeter fence made of nine gauge chain-link together the five acres of nevada land and the fence will run you around twelve thousand dollars but no that's nevada now your tiger needs to see a vet for a vaccines were we prevention as well as to be spayed or neutered I know all right take it out of its habitat minute it's recommended to have a vent with Tiger experience come directly to your home you you try sticking a tiger in your mini bed these medical costs average around $1,000 a year now what does your pet tiger eat as a cow that needs a mixture of milk replacements and various animal tissues as an adult tiger needs meat and lots of it to ensure that it's not you you have to get around 40 pounds of other types of meat a day or up to a fifth of its own body weight and Tigers like to eat parts of the animal including the stomach brains and hair yeah you may think it's nasty but it's gonna keep the Tigers digestive system in tip-top shape total food costs are around $2,000 annual that's a lot of meat but you can't exactly buy a whole cow from your local grocery store cuz it turns out there are laws about shipping whole dead animals so once again check with the local authorities before ordering a dead goat online think you're done spending money guess what you're not not until you buy toys those toys are awesome Tigers like toys but you can't just buy your pen Tiger scratching codes according to zookeepers Tigers like giant balls large areas to climb both in and on and rules all that's gonna cost you about twenty two thousand two hundred and fifty dollars that's a lot and also specific you'll need to start domesticating and training your tiger as a cub before develops full-grown claws and teeth that will rip you to shreds trainers say the Tigers best respond to withholding food until the exhibit good behaviors and then reward them with food like a bad parent if you're feeling in over your head you should probably hire a professional Tiger trainer which is gonna cost you around another 30 grand a year no matter how much you loved your tiger it's still a wild animal and could suddenly attack you or someone else you need to always be armed when dealing with your tiger in a one-on-one fight the Tigers gonna win sorry the pepper spray is extremely effective causing severe irritation to Tigers nose eyes and mouth one good shot of pepper spray will incapacitate the tiger and enough to get away to safety if not or if you're unlucky or dumb enough to fight the tiger unarmed we need to make yourself appear like a threat according to animal trainers you need to raise your arms and stand as tall as you can pop out your chest and show your teeth scream as loud as you can the goal is to scare the tiger away whatever you do don't run running only kicks into Tigers instinct to chase after its prey and you don't want to be a tiger's prey all right let's see here we do some tabulations and with the cage land fence food vet bills trainer and toys raising your tiger will cost around sixty seven thousand five hundred dollars plus annual costs up approximately thirty three thousand dollars give or take a thousand dollars or two look at that big spender you spent more money than some people make in a year but it's all worth it because you own a friggin pet tiger awesome he's just a sweet and cuddly and deadly as you always wanted which is pretty epic hey for more epic stuff stay tuned to epic cow – I'm Joe Bereta and I'm out let us know what top if you guys think we should break down next in the comments below and don't forget to subscribe you

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  1. This is me
    If I wanna own a tiger
    I’m gonna own a fucking tiger so fuck all you haters and ppl that don’t agree with me
    Suck meh titties
    But just know that fucking tiger will so spoiled and surrounded by toys and my love by the first I get one

  2. They are not cooler than owning dogs and it is extremely ridiculous and inhuman to own a big cat this is ridiculous

  3. Just for those who are saying “ don’t keep wild animals as pets , it’s bad or it’s dangerous “ u better know that animals like dogs, cats,rabbits and also birds were all wild before , but later humans domesticated them and thought them love

  4. Most of this is exaggerated to deter people from owning a tiger. Instead of $60k you can do it for less than 18k if you do the research. Plus if you're not tied down to kids, mortgage, car, etc its affordable.

  5. Wow Nevada is the only place you can indulge in cannabis and own a pet tiger legally, the rest of the U.S needs to take notice

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