How to muzzle your dog

– Any dog that is injured or in pain, or scared, is prone to bite you, even the calmest most gorgeous dog, if they’re hurt they suddenly, develop different behaviour. It’s safest to muzzle your
dog if you are worried about being bitten. Never muzzle if you are concerned that the dog’s having
difficulty breathing, if they have any form of heat exhaustion, ’cause they need to pant, so they need to be able
to open their mouth, or if they’re at risk of vomiting. The easiest way to muzzle and
safest way to muzzle a dog is to make a loop in a bit of soft gauze or pair of tights, or
whatever you happen to have. So, make a loop and
you’re going to approach the dog from behind and gently
slip that over their nose. And then, you tie it tight over the top, you tie one knot over the top, you tie one knot underneath, you slip it round behind the ears and you do a quick release bow on the top. And that is tight enough to stop them from opening their mouth, but not too tight to cause any damage.

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