HOW TO: Measure Your Track Width for Sliding Door

After measuring the height of your
sliding glass door track from the deepest point in the top to the bottom,
you’re going to want to measure the actual width of your track. This is to
determine if the panel is actually going to fit in there. So you’ll see here this
particular sliding glass door has a rail in the bottom, and that width is just one
inch, which is perfect for the Patio Pacific Thermo Panel. That rail that you
see at the bottom is going to be what the panel sits on top of, so that is an
important measurement. It should be just over a quarter of an inch wide or just
about the width of a pencil. You can also take your measurement in the corner just
to ensure that the measurement is one inch on the side as well as the bottom,
but you don’t want to measure the actual sliding glass door itself. In the bottom
there will be a groove for that rail, and the top actually has to sit inside the

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