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hi i'm dr. jenna olson and this is how to make kittens friendly so at the root of it all you have to do is be friends with your cat and in order to do this you just have to play with them and handle them a lot so as a vet things that we're always worried about is whether or not your cat is going to be friendly with us and to get a friendly cat the key is to expose them to a lot of different people places situations and animals during the early socialization period which is between four and seven weeks if you don't adopt them or you don't have them during this time don't fret you're going to be totally fine what I recommend doing is handling them often and handling them them in different and safe ways so for example at the vet we're going to look at the eyes we're going to look at the ears and we're going to mess with their feet so these are all things that you can do safely at home so for example take their ears look in them fold them back maybe he doesn't like it right off the bat but he'll get used to it tilt their head back look in their eyes tell them how much you love them I love you Phineas good job so for example we might want to trim your cat's nails most cats don't like that so start by holding hands with your cat rub their feet Phineas doesn't like it very much but he'll learn it's totally fine see and he still wants to hold my hand look at that pick them up stick them on his back good job and you always want to put them down before they start squirming because if they start squirming and then you put them down they have just taught you that they will get their way so before they start squirming and before they get upset put them down let them know everything's totally fine the other thing you can do after all these things playing with their ears playing with their feet manipulating them in different positions is to offer them a treat want a little snack oh good job baby so I'm dr. Jenna Olsen and this is how to make kittens friendly thanks for watching you

40 thoughts on “How to Make Kittens Friendly : Kittens & Cat Care

  1. Why the cat seems very similar to its doctor? What's wrong with my eyes? Or my brain?
    Cheers from Indonesia

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    Do cats go to heaven? (I killed our cat on purposs)

  3. Why my kitty don’t like my daughter she bites her,she is only a kid , and she love , and treats the kitten very well , can someone answer me, please

  4. I feel you shouldn't hold that cat's head back like that; don't make them do anything cos we wouldn't like it if someone holds our head back like that. Sorry but that's manhandling. Anyway what's wrong with an 'unfriendly' cat? That poor kitty was just chilling when out of the blue it's head was held and it seemed to me a bit tightly and pushed upwards. Cats are so chilled; let them be.

  5. Soooo, what happens if your salty kitten is a year old and avoids all human contact at all times.

  6. hi thanks for your advice. My ginger tom is nearly 1 years old he’s been through a lot in his short life. I think I rescued him. I can’t get him to cuddle me though. He loves strokes on his own terms. I stroke him a little when he’s eating. He does follow me literally everywhere lol and comes back from being outside so he must trust me. He’s outside most of the time so we don’t play like we used too. He’s still jumpy at times too. Don’t know why.

  7. What do you do when the cat starts squirming? if you put em down, they learn squirming means they get let go

  8. Please help , I have a new kitten that used to be calm and let us pet him, but now he started biting and scratching , and even though we take our hand away . He thinks its a game . When left alone he starts climbing with nails on the legs . Very painful . Please help

  9. I've had 2 kittens for one week now, and neither one of them likes me to pet them. One is 5 weeks old and the other 6 weeks old. When I try to pet them they both shrug away. Now, both of them will come and sit by me and even go to sleep. I love them both already, and I'm sure I just need to give them time but it's disheartening. Both kittens were in foster homes.

  10. Guys calm down u guys don't really see what she's actually doing she's showing us how to get a kitten used to petting the cat or holding the cat its not like she is abusing the kitten u guys really need to see Jesus' she actually know what she's doing

  11. My cousins cat is very violent. {it's a him, but they always thought it was a she until they went to get "her" fixed and found out it was a male. But they're used to calling him a her.} we try to handle her, but she will bite the living heck out of you. I have 5 inch scratches on my arm, multiple puncture marks, and a bruise (that's just on my arm) my thumb is full of holes. I don't know how to get her to be not so… Bitey. All we've ever done is been nice to her.

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