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  1. I mistakenly pour out all of the 1 1/2 cup of water ? it ended up the dough are too smooth and watery , I can't even roll it.. please note and check next time the measurement of your ingredients.

  2. We've made a dog treat recipe which only contains 2 wholesome ingredients: Bananas and Rolled Oats – nothing else. Here's a link: https://goo.gl/kJsPmX

  3. Love this doggie recipe shared on my fb group for all toy breed doggie owners Luv My Babes In Toyland & Maltese & Furbabies Facebook Group keep these recipes coming thank you

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  5. Love this. I'm gunna have to make these for Solo. I just posted a video of making Peanut butter and Pumpkin dog treats. Solo loved them

  6. Canola oil is very bad. Peanut butter with xylitol or other sweeteners and salt is extremely bad. Why cornflour? This is a bad recipe

  7. For extra benefits for your dogs, sub out the canola oil for coconut oil! I make almost this exact same recipe but don't use cornmeal or all purpose flour. Just wheat flour, oats, PB, coconut oil, eggs, and water. It isn't so complicated.

  8. Why don't humans like this food? I mean it has everything we eat , just a question because I have never had a chance to eat dog food ?

  9. I think replace the normal flour for rice flour, use organic peanut butter or natural without sugar or salt in it. honey is good, shred carrots not vanilla flavor…banana….wheat…..never corn. egg is ok. oil….ok not too much. never corn oil or olive…. this recipe is a little unhealthy for dogs. sorry my english…

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