today I'm going to show how to make dog relievers see right here I have a couple already made they look complicated to make but they are not and they look a lot better than the pretzel type dog grooming bows you're just going to take your ribbon I'm going to make three bows one with one ribbon roll with two ribbons and one or three ribbons the first one will be one with one ribbon you take your first one put the bow right here around your pointer finger and you're just going to take it down to your own fingers leaving your pinky out and you're just going to wrap it around going to wrap it around once like this this is one down to your ring finger you can wrap it in again so that it would be two again is three and again this for again is five and again is six when using just one ribbon you want to go around always six times you're just going to cut cut it right here where it was on your ring finger and just going to take it off and don't Club it by right here then put it in the middle like this and just straighten up the edges you don't let us out here because it will crease the bow and the ball would be creased and you want to crease slow-going guard this and then you fold this in half like this goes like this these are the two ends and on this end right here then there's the same way those are the two lanes on this side you're going to cut it until it be like this you don't want to get too close together right here because it won't cut the very middle and you may lose some of your loops so right now you'll just take a rubber band stretch it out and open your bow when you get out when you get it cut it'll look like this so you just take your rubber band and wrap it around wrap the rubber band around twice and you can take a pan another piece of ribbon or a popsicle stick and put it on there so it's like this and although when you're using one color you taste it you take you put your finger in the hole and you slide out the first loop and you go up then you take the second one take the second loop and go down and you just keep going up down up down until it don't have any more on that side then you do this then you repeat on the same side you go up down up down up down and then you have a bow and when you're ready to put it on the dog you just slide the rubber bands off the pen pencil or other piece of ribbon and you just grab a small a small section of hair from the dog and then just wrap it around two or three times and it will stay pretty good so now I'll make a bow with to two colors over things I'll be using lime green and baby blue just do the same thing to begin with when you stack the table when you do the same finger thing you start out your pointer fingers go to your ring finger skip your pinky and instead of wrapping around six times this time you will only need to wrap around three times one two three and then just cut right here at the bottom of your ring finger you do the same thing you slip it off your hands and you fold it make sure not to crease your ends and just straighten it up you take this and you fold it in half like so then you just take your scissors and snip it into a V one keep it off a bit too close to the other cut then you take your rubber band slide it on there and you wrap it around twice and put it on the pin or the popsicle or the other ribbon then you just do the same thing stick your finger in the hole get the first loop instead of going up down up down on the first loop you go up down on the next – you go down and down and then on the next – you go up and then the last one you go down so that way your alternating colors and you're not getting all the green and for all the blue on top or all the greens or all the blue on bottom that's that way there's half on top and half on the bottom you just repeat the same you go down up up down down up and there's your second go with two colors now I'll show you how to make a bow with three colors now I'm going to be using baby blue lime green and white you'll start the same way that you did with the other ribbon we'll just take your first ribbon your sukkot ribbon and your third ribbon and you stack it on top and if you don't feel comfortable stacking all of the ribbon on top of each other you can wrap one around and then cut it wrap another way around and cut it and wrap another one around these fingers and cut it but the I find this way quicker and more convenient for me we just did the same thing and those fingers two rail fingers and you wrap it around twice instead of three times only twice okay so there's two times and you just cut it at the wrong finger like the other times flip it off your finger you fold it in half straighten up the edges fold in half you're going to cut your V make sure you don't get too close to the other cut then take your rubber band you're gonna wrap it around twice and then like the other times you can stick it on a pan with popsicle stick or another piece of ribbon and instead of going up down down up up down this time we're just going to alternate like the one color you're going to go up down up down up m-move then you're going to repeat the same on the other side up down up down up down and you have your third ribbon with lime green light blue or baby blue and right if you have any questions or comments please feel free to post the comment or you can message me on my account thank you for watching and have a great day


  1. I think I love you! I am a receptionist at a small business groomers. (There is 1 groomer for the whole shop) She was buying bows online but they just got so expensive. She asked if I wanted to learn how and she'll just pay me (and it'll give me something to do while were not busy.) I've been looking everywhere on YouTube for a tutorial of exactly this! Thank you so much. I'm going to go home and try it and if I need more help i'll leave a new comment. <3

  2. I might be going broke soon.. spending it all on RIBBON! LOL thanks for that! Awesome bows, I can't wait to get some materials in my possession!! Just a heads up, the audio was a little bit hard to make out :-/

  3. Hey Girl! Just wanted to give you a HUGE THANK YOU!!!! I've been watching other bow tutorials, and your vid is BY FAR the BEST!!!! Thanks for the vid, and endless ideas!! I'm gonna get in serious trouble with the hubby! Hehehe!

  4. OMG!!!! Thank you so much!!! I really appreciate this tutorial! Great job and now I can have dogs leaving my shop with really CUTE bows!!! Can't wait to get started making some!

  5. I have to say I like the idea of doing a stitch someone suggested. But I also wanted to add a piece of cloth behind. I've seen them done like that, where they use the special sheers to cut a piece of cloth, make it a circle and attach it somehow. I am thrilled to find your video. I found several out there, but yours really looks the easiest with the nicest design

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