How To Make Brazilian Hot Dogs | Good Food Good Times World Cup 2014 Special

howdy folks its Barry here from my virgin kitchen back again for my serious good food good times world cup edition we're gonna kick off with Brazil whether the host city they're gonna probably win the World Cup let's be honest and apparently the hotdogs there are insane so you guys been messaging me let's make a few different versions of them good times right folks hot dogs in Brazil are bonkers they just fill it with anything you can think of you've got the kitchen sink in there peas sweet corn mashed potato you name it we've got it there we'll show you some different versions and in fact the first step is getting our pan nice and hot and it's for putting our minced meat in which is actually gonna get browned off kind of like we do with other things like the beef tacos we're going to show you later on in this series we're going to just get that in there alright so our beef mince is nice and browned and then leave a little bit the onion there for later on for our decoration we're going to push in half an onion and a green pepper that's been chopped and we'll add our garlic for the last 30 seconds for chucking in some stock so let's get it's all nice and softened at four or five minutes coming together right so just push the garlic in as I say about 30 seconds ten minutes in there just to get that flavor initially in there we don't it burn too much remember guys want to give this recipe a go check out the description box down below for all the ingredients and the full method right so that's at the stage now we're going to add in our flavor enhancements we've got some beef stock here that's ready-made we're just going to pour that straight on top like so whoa goodsoon any minute so we're going to simmer most of that off but also going to add in a little squirt of tomato puree about a teaspoon of that a little bit of thyme you can use fresh thyme if you like but this is the stuff from the supermarket straight from the jar and a grinder black pepper in there give this a good mix through don't let the tomato puree sit there on its own and it will get coated in there with some of this right down and that will be the minced filling for our dogs so we can jump ahead while our mince is cooking away by grabbing our dogs and sitting them on a griddle pan you can bore them if you like I've been told there was a little Brazilian trick where you can cut them in half and then expanding water that does work I want to get some nice griddle lines on these today right so the moment is done as you can see it's reduced right down we're going to give it one little sort of Brazilian go kind of kick in there Brazilian commentator style some lime just a little squeeze of that on there you can add a little bit more if you like that again it's completely optional and in fact as it's these hot dogs are so customisable the mints could be any way you want or you don't even have to add that at all right then folks so that mint is all nice and done we're just going to plump it just temporarily into this bowl before we serve it up on our dogs so if you're enjoying this video don't forget to give it a thumbs up share subscribe and comment subscribe to both my virgin kitchen and of course videojug food send us your pictures we love to see them at my virgin kitchen at videojug food let's see your version these dogs yeah keep your eye on your dogs when you're cooking them guys they'll cook and brown really fast we want you want to go is really nice lines down them so keep an eye on a dog is a good life lesson to know your pet dog but these dogs are just as important right here them folks my dogs are done my inner Brazilian is coming out berry in yo indeed so many toppings here mashed potato olives crazy stuff so I've got my lovely griddle dog in there it's fine that would be fine for me but Brazilians want to ramp it up a little bit so it adds some of our lovely mints that we made earlier so just a couple of spoonfuls in there gonna chuck that on top goodness so I'm just gonna put some sweet corn on there it's looking amazing I'm a little bit intrigued about sweet corn on a hot dog but we just go with it Brazilian style that was sprinkling of parmesan on top of that I'm gonna love parmesan I love that so uh oh wow it's like snow cheesy snow and then just a good old squeeze of ketchup along there look at that so this one I'm putting some mashed potato into the base I've never thought of having mashed potato with a hot dog before but anyhow we will go with it my friends just like we were able for the rest of this series we've got some crazy stuff coming up and some real comfort food internationally some mints on top of this so mints a mash and a big dog in the middle unbelievable seems so in going for a kind of salad II feel on this one a little bit of shredded lettuce on there actually one last little bit of mozzarella shredded mozzarella and then some mayonnaise good squirt of that oh yeah oh my goodness the last one I'm gonna grab my dog again I'm going to just go all out on the mince I'm loving the feel and the vibe of just making a dog as big as you can why not you know I'm thinking my inner Brazilian is definitely coming out la scoring an overhead kick in the recent World Cup in the 2014 World Cup even though he's retired we still know he's the best player out there okay so with these I've got some little fried potatoes that I've made earlier just a little potato cut up into real little matchsticks fried up a few olives this is kind of a crazy combination olives and potatoes like this not you know I wish for where I'm going with this some parmesan again and a good group of mustard right down the center of it a hat-trick of hotdogs there that will fill up your matchday and I really hope you give them a go but remember to let me know down below what you would put in yours I'm off to demolish all of these and try and become the next one we didn't go but this week I will enjoy this guys and check out the rest of this series as it come see next guys I says bite

34 thoughts on “How To Make Brazilian Hot Dogs | Good Food Good Times World Cup 2014 Special

  1. I’m all about trying foods from outside of the good ol u s of a but how do you fuck up a hotdog? … put a salad and corn on it that’s how. Whatever happened to chilli slaw ketchup mustard and onion that’s a West Virginia coal miner dog right there!!! Try that Brazil you’ll never eat corn on one again. Lol

  2. About the potatoes, I live in the western U.S. and a fairly common snack is hotdogs topped with mashed potatoes and a layer of cheese melted on top

  3. Brazilian hot dog is made with cooked sausage. Here in São Paulo has ingredients such as vinaigrette salad, Mashed potatoes, Mayonnaise, Ketchup, mustard and potato chips on top, coleslaw. Enjoy!

  4. So sorry, but this is not brazilian hot dog. You can put anything in the hot dog, but those things are not what we usually put on in. Where did you learn that? It was not at Brazil.

  5. It is not brazilian food. Cadê o pão francês, as três cores de pimentão , o purê de batata, o molho de tomate, o milho e a batata palha???? De brasileiro esse "Dogão" só tem o nome!!!?????Que nojo ele botou choio no molho "éca"?.

  6. hahahah..we cut the bread horizontaly….not verticaly ahahah

    but very good….some ppl say we dont put meat but I live in brazilian city of hot dog and there's this option too

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