How to Make a Winter Bird Feeder?

Hi, I’m Bob Mulvihill, ornithologist at
the National Aviary in Pittsburgh. Today, I’d like to show you how to make a suet log. A suet log is a kind of bird feeder that’s very popular with birds in the winter time. When they need extra energy because suet is fat and fat has a lot of energy in it. To make a suet log all you need is a log maybe a piece like this that was going into your wood stove or fireplace save it and instead of
burning it drill holes in it. Use a drill with a 1 inch drill bit to drill several
holes in it and then we’re going to put a screw eye in the top of the of the log
and we’re going to hang it from a tree outside. When it’s all done your suet log
might look something like this. I like this one because it has some branches
still sticking out of it that might be used by the birds to perch while they’re
feeding on the suet. The white material in the holes is the suet. Suet is fat
and you can buy suet from the grocery store. Go to the meat counter and ask
for kidney suet. You cut the suet up into a small piece and you press it into the hole in the log. That’s all you need to. The birds are going to do the rest. The bird is going to clean that out and the next time you look out your window
you may see some beautiful birds coming to this new rustic feeder that you’ve
just added to your yard. And it will help birds in the winter to. Take the suet
log that you’ve made and filled with suet and hang it outside and it’s sure to
attract beautiful birds to your backyard year after year.

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  1. When I moved into our new home earlier this year, I noticed downy woodpeckers in the neighborhood. I make two of these and put them in our side yard and soon had downy and red breasted wood peckers showing up everyday. And the suet is cheap and easy to make.

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