How to Make a Cat Cake | Buttercream piped Cat CAKE!

Hi guys It’s Stephanie. welcome to my channel. so my daughter Shelby has been begging me to get her a cat If my girl wants a cat, then she is getting a cat….. cake This cake is for all those cat lovers out there. I’ve covered her in buttercream frosting fur and she even has a pearl necklace She is pretty fancy and super easy to make and I am about to show you how to make her, come on Let’s get started. for this cake I have already baked three seven inch round cakes and three five inch round cakes But you can customize this cake to any size you’d like Fill the cakes with buttercream and then add more butter cream to the top and the sides of the cake. on The top of the cake use an offset spatula to push the buttercream towards the center of the cake Repeat the layering and filling for the smaller five inch cakes and then pop them into the refrigerator to chill for at least 30 minutes Add a small amount of buttercream to the cake plate and move the larger cake on to the plate Next add pre measured and cut wooden dowels Stack the smaller cake on top of the larger cake and begin the buttercream The piping tip I’m using is bakery crafts number 234 continue piping around the entire cake Onto the eyes I’m rolling out a black piece of fondant and placing my eye Template on top of it and tracing around it with an x-acto knife I will put a link to this template down in the description box Trim the template to reveal the next I shape and repeat the process of rolling out the fondant and tracing around it with an exacto knife Attach the blue part of the eye to the black with water Repeat the entire process again for the black center of the eye Roll out a white piece of fondant and use Wilton piping tips number twelve and ten To cut out small circles for the white sparkles in the eyes Next up is the cat’s muzzle. roll out a thicker piece of fondant Cover it with plastic wrap and use a heart cutter to cut out the shape I use plastic wrap to make the edges a little bit more rounded Cut away the tip of the heart, but don’t get rid of it turn the extra piece around and use it for the cat’s mouth Create dots in the muzzle by randomly pushing a pointed tool into the fondant Make a nose by cutting out a small heart and attach it to the muzzle with water Make a Tongue by cutting out a small circle, and then flatten it out with your fingers and attach it with water So cute Let’s move on to the ears. start by rolling out a white piece of fondant and cut out two hearts with a heart cutter Repeat the same process in pink fondant Brush the white hearts with water and attach the pink leaving a little white at the top Cut away any excess from the bottom brush a dot of water onto the bottom of the ears and pinch the ends together Our cat needs some sparkle. brush the pink of the ears and the nose with water and sprinkle some disco dust over them dump off the excess onto a piece of parchment paper and pour the excess dust back into its container, so we don’t waste any The pearl necklace is up next Roll out a thick piece of fondant and use a large round piping tip to cut out a bunch of circles Roll the circles into pearls. we will need quite a few pearls. make more than I have here because I ran out to make them shiny silver, place the pearls into a plastic baggie with some silver luster dust Gently shake the bag and voila beautiful silver pearls After you’ve made the pearls move on to the heart pendant. cut out a pink heart and brush it with water and sprinkle with white disco dust She needs a flower in her hair. roll out a thin piece of fondant and cut out a flower shape Place the flower into a flower veiner You don’t have to do this step, but I think it makes the flower look a little bit more realistic Gently pull the flower out of the veiner Add a drop of water to the center of the flower and attach a heart sprinkle in the middle Let’s put it all together Brush buttercream onto the back of the muzzle and press it into place add both of the eyes and the ears I Decided at the last minute to add some eyelashes For the lashes roll out a log of fondant and attach it to the eyes with water. the eyes look so much cuter now Use more buttercream frosting to go back in and fill any gaps or places that need more fur and Then begin adding buttercream fur to the ears We’re getting closer to finishing Pipe a line of buttercream where you’d like the necklace and begin placing pearls around the cat’s neck Add her heart pendant and finish off the necklace with a few more silver pearl sprinkles Place the flowers into her hair and add a white log of fondant for her tail. pipe more buttercream fur along the tail The final detail. break 6 pieces of thin spaghetti into the length you’d like the whiskers and push them into the muzzle paint the whiskers white with food coloring gel mixed with clear food grade alcohol This fancy feline is finished That was so much fun and easy right? if you make this cake or any other baked treat Be sure to share with me over on social media. Also if you have any ideas or suggestions for me Please tell me down in the comments section below Alright guys. I’ll see you next time. I need to go eat some cake now, bye

16 thoughts on “How to Make a Cat Cake | Buttercream piped Cat CAKE!

  1. Hi where can I get the recipe for the Cat Cake, also for the butter cream.?
    What type of sponge did you use. I’m going to make the cat cake for my granddaughters first birthday next week. How far in advance can I make the cake which will be needed by Sunday? Sorry so many questions. Thanks

  2. Also how do you make the sponge cake with the dots/spots cause my mum wants to make it and i want her to make it too! 🙂

  3. My daughter loves cats. M planning to make this on her bday. But m a beginner. Wen tried, The furs are bending. I think the consistency is loose. Do u hav a video of the right consistency of buttercream for the fur?

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