How to Make a Birds Nest Using Ridge Gourd | Bird Hanging Room Décor | Bird Nest Making

How to Make Decorative Bird’s Nest Craft from Ridge Gourd You can hang this nest craft inside your room. This is a complete organic craft made with natural things. We have used Jute rope in this craft to give it a natural texture. Things You Need… Dry Ridge Gourd, Artificial Sparrows, Glue Gun & Sticks Sticks, Cutter, Scissors, Jute Take a dry ridge gourd or an empty plastic bottle as an alternative. Here we are using ridge gourd. First, remove the cover of dried ridge gourd. Cut the small portion of ridge gourd and remove the content from it as shown. We need two such ridge gourds arrangement Now take the first piece and paste the jute on it as shown. Now take another jute string and wrap it around the ridge gourd using glue as shown here. Similarly, wrap some more jute on the other end of the ridge gourd. Stick the jute strings near the cut out portion as well. The arrangement will look like this post completion. We need two such similar arrangements as shown here. Now attach the two ridge gourd pieces using glue as shown here. Paste the sparrows on the nest using glue gun Wow!! Your simple and beautiful bird’s nest craft is now ready. Hope you enjoyed watching this DIY Home Decor Craft video. Happy Crafting!!

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  1. Friends, this birds nest craft is a beautiful DIY Home Decor. It is made with original Ridge Gourd (Turai) hence it is a complete "Natural" craft! ?? Hope you will love it. Please LIKE, SHARE and COMMENT. Thanks – Team StylEnrich!

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