How to make a bird feeder | Natural History Museum

What you need Plastic bottle, two sticks, pin, scissors and string. Step 1: Prepare Take your clean plastic bottle
and remove the lid. Use the pin to make drainage holes
in the base of the bottle. Step 2: Make Then make two level holes
on opposite sides of the bottle. With the help of an adult,
use scissors to widen the two holes. Push the stick through the holes
to create a perch. Over each perch cut a feeding hole
about the size of a 5p coin. Make a second perch and feeding holes
90° above the first ones. Make two holes in the top
and thread the string. Step 3: Assemble Fill with bird feed
and replace the bottle cap. Find a sheltered location
and hang your bird feeder on a branch or washing line. Step 4: Watch Watch quietly from a distance,
ideally indoors. Step 5: Identify Use books or the internet
to help identify your species.

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