How To Kill Weeds Naturally – My Best Organic Weed Control Tips

Phil: Hey guys itÕs Phil from
ItÕs actually getting warm at here, I think this might be the last video where I am wearing
my faithful green sweater here. If you havenÕt picked up my free online organic gardening
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Today I am talking about organic weed control. Now for many of us organic weed control means
we are down on our hands and knees for hours at a time pulling weeds, you can tell right
now but I was down on my hands and knees and we really start to after a while to think
that weeds are the enemies, especially weeds like bindweed and some of those grassy weeds
which just keep putting up shoots all over the place. I am going to give you some tips
on how to kill weeds naturally today but first I want to talk about the benefits of weeds
some of us realized you know that canÕt be just that simple that weeds are all bad, the
truth is weeds are soil healers. A number of weeds are nitrogen fixers like
this is vetch and this is something I actually planted as a cover crop but it is helping
to get more nitrogen into the soil, same with clover is a common weed, people would call
the weed in the line even though it wasnÕt long ago that it used to be included in lawn
seed and itÕs coming back a little bit today the people started to do a little bit of that
but that is a nitrogen fixing plant. ItÕs working with bacteria to help improve the
nitrogen in the soil, other than pulling weeds by hand there are number of things you can
do. I am going to give you six of them today. If you get cheap seed itÕs going to have
a lot of weed seeds in and you donÕt want to do that, likewise when you are bringing
in compost or when you are composting, you want to make sure you are creating a hot compost
pile or buying really good compost for most of those weed seeds will have been killed
because if you spread compost that has or top soil that has horse tiller or something
like that you are bringing that into your garden. ItÕs not a great thing, so thatÕs
number one as try to be clean. Second step is balancing your soil fertility and actually
thatÕs what I was going to bring out my soil test for I remember now.
So I am not going to get in much detail here but when I look at this organic soil test
result I can look especially at my main macronutrients here. I can see my calcium, magnesium, potassium,
sodium those are all a [indiscernible 02:02] which is certainly common but if we can balance
those out based on the recommendations from a good organic soil lab, we will start to
see our weed pressure go down, a trusty hope Now itÕs not always going to kill the weeds
but if you just keep doing it a few times, itÕs going to weaken them and eventually
they wouldnÕt cause that much problem, but dandelion, itÕs nice if you can pull up that
by the tap root it takes so long, now for me personally I leave most of the dandelions
in my soil because I know they are doing a lot of good work there but if I did want to
get rid of them and this is one handed I would just take a whole and boom, I didnÕt get
rid of everything but I got rid of a lot, you know the worms like to hang up right in
the root zone of a weed. So, thatÕs another reason weeds are good. Next, how I am going
to stop that dandelion from coming up again, well dandelions happen to be pretty strong,
they keep come in back otherwise you can weaken them over the time but the next step to controlling
weeds is boom. Throw a nice thick mulch in there leaves or
straw or whatever you like to use for mulch, I talked about that before but that is going
to stop most weeds from coming up. LetÕs go have a look at okay. LetÕs check out this
new garden that I put in last fall, not a whole lot of weeds going on in here either
and thatÕs because of mulch, does so much to stop weeds. I had a leaf mulching here
over the fall and just actually in the last couple of days having lend on a little straw
because some of the leaves blew over to that side of the garden, so now I am laying down
straw, those are my two favorite kinds of mulch and I do not have any weed problems
in this garden. The next step is to plan very densely, plant
poly cultures which are groups of different kinds of plants that all work together to
help each other out and the shadow of the soil, now I donÕt have much going on this
year. Here is my little strawberry batch. It doesnÕt have much weed problems because
itÕs pretty dense on itÕs own when it gets going and plant other things in there and
I smoldered it with leaves so thatÕs not a great example this time year and there is
the last step right there if you are in a pinch in it vinegar, just regular household
vinegar, itÕs 5% ascetic acid by volume. ItÕs going to get rid of some of those you
know dandelions and those really strong perennials but they do a really good job on animals and
it will weaken perennials too just like aa hoe does over the time. So, what you do here
is you put this in a spray bottle and just spray it especially nice for sidewalks and
patios, but even a little bit in the garden is not too big of a deal, now if you want
something a little stronger, you can buy horticultural vinegar, itÕs 10% to 30% ascetic acid now
itÕs pretty caustic stuff very ascetic. It can burn you, you got to be careful with it
but it can be used with you know to kill more perennial weeds, so those are your six steps.
So how to kill weeds naturally, the big thing here is to take a long review.
So all of these other lessons I am teaching you had a balance of your soil and get organic
matter in there, all of that stuff is going to create a soil that doesnÕt support weeds
very well, they just wouldnÕt be able to thrive there. So thatÕs the main one along
with smoldering them out with a nice thick organic mulch with very dense plantings or
plants with a very dense healthy line, itÕs especially important to balance your soil
and have a good healthy line to compete weeds there because in the garden we can put a thick
mulch on and that can cover a lot. So that allow me really need to make healthy
and thatÕs what we gotta do that. So the question today is what are your main problem
weeds. If you can post that down below I will try to give you some tips specifically on
how to deal with those weeds or I will try to tell you if there are any fertility issues
that those weeds point to, other than that you can read more detail in this article down
below, you can subscribe to my free online course down below that, you can join me on and I will see you next week.
How To Kill Weeds Naturally – My Best Organic Weed Control Tips

61 thoughts on “How To Kill Weeds Naturally – My Best Organic Weed Control Tips

  1. Hey Phil. Thanks for the tips!
    I was wondering about rock dust. Could you explain, or point me to research explaining how the minerals are absorbed into the plants? Are they catalysts for vital nutrients or are they transformed or what? Thanks

  2. i have lots of those weeds that look dry and when you touch them seeds pop out. i don't know what they're called. help!!!!

  3. Hi Phil How can I kill wandering Jew? Will the straight vinger work? And if I use it, can I plant anything in the same soil afterwards? Also can you tell me if I can plant roses in the same ground after I use vinegar? The wandering jew crowds everything out . 🙁 Thanks for you advice in advance! 🙂 (I really want to plant roses where the wandering jew is invading.)

  4. I have goatweed and grass growing around my jacaranda and bottlebrush trees, I use a hoe to get rud of the goatweed but the grass is driving me crazy. I am considering laying down a brick-well around the trees and putting a layer of organic mulch/compost. Would this be a feasible idea?

  5. That's what I was planning (This is DonnAchtenberg, I'm at home right now). I was thinking of laying the bricks flat, two bricks high and only filling it up to the first brick so it's only be about an inch to an inch and a half, making sure the truck has at least a 1 to 2 inch clearance form the compost.

    Do you have any recommendations for a good quality compost? I live like 3 blocks from a Home Depot.

  6. i need help with my back yard. Heres my situation i moved in a month ago and the people who use to live here diden't take care of it its gravel ans sand mix and there is 1ft tall 5ft wide crab grass and other grasses i tried pulling them but new one keep coming out .what do you think i should do

  7. I have some sections of lawn that are very bad, suppose i smother everything with hay, or kill everything with strong vinegar, can i just reseed then or do i need to remove everything before resseding, or anything different?

  8. Hi,
    I live in zone 5 in the US and the weed I can't get rid of is thistle. I pull it alot but it does not weaken at all. It will take over even though I mulch and it is everywhere, in my flowers, bushes, and vedgies. It loves the area next to the garage. I did vinigar, hot water and yes I succumbed to Round up. I would love suggestions

  9. So if there are weeds in my current garden and I want to kill the weeds without actually killing the surviving plants that are in it, would applying vinegar harm the plants I want to keep? Or would just weeding out the weeds by hoe be a better solution?

  10. My foreclosed house hasn't been touched in over 2 and a half years. Unfortunately I moved in towards the beginning of summer and end of spring so i figured it was too late to put fertilizer down but i do leave the grass i cut on my lawn as a substitute. I also bought a lot of weed controls from scott & weed b gone stuff. It's helped a lot with dandelions but as for the smaller weeds such as clovers, chickweeds, and white clovers, they just die, come back & keep spreading, what do you recommend??

  11. I understand some weeds are nitrogen fixers and actually help my lawn, but I'm just really curious to know what I should aim for in order to one day have an overall lush weed free lawn.

  12. Field Bindweed! The stuff is evil! It can grow 5 feet up a plant. It's in an established perennial garden and it is coming up everywhere. How can I stop it. I tried mulching and it keeps on growing. I also have it in my lawn. I can deal with other weeds, but this one drives me crazy.

  13. Great video and ideas. I heard a recent talk by Jeffrey Smith regarding how harmful glyphosate is, both to the environment and to health. It seems crazy to use something like glyphosate when these alternatives are available. Well done!

  14. We have an organic garden (1/2 an acre) and are run over by mostly Dandelion Weeds so we went completely raised bed status and make Dandelion Salads, the flowers and greens are good for you. Any weeds that end up growing in the raised beds are PULLED out almost daily during the warmer weather, that's all we can do. We are just OVER run by way too many weeds, smh 🙂

  15. My mid west Florida lawn is full of weeds..are there any weed and seed products ? Its pathetic. Also my garden has many established large plants… will vinegar kill the weeds..but leave the established plants healthy ?

  16. I've tried to pull up plantain that has taken root in my rose garden and in the adjoining lawn.  The roots are strong and established, it keeps coming back for the past 3 years. I want to plant flowers this year between the roses, what do you recommend?  

  17. Hedge Vineweed just TOOK OVER my front yard… X.x… i'v been pulling them by hand but they are even spreading under the leaves i had over them that i placed in the fall… I would love to get rid of them so my seedlings of flowers could have a chance. 

  18. I was severely poisoned by Round-up and Plateau combination. To the point of near death. We moved away, way out to a small town on the Colorado Prairie. We had hoped to work a small business in a town of less than 200. Only to find that they spray here too! Help! We are trying to find something that will kill weeds but NOT the flowers. I am desperate for easy help for lazy gardeners in the area who won't do anything but use a chemical if its too hard the other way
    Thank you so much

  19. i have trouble with nut grass and crab grass type stuff here in south alabama, they try to take over the garden!

  20. Black medic has spread all over our lawn. First time for us. We have a dog so we haven't used it on backyard lawn just front. Do you have another way? Zone 9 Southern California

  21. For weed control in my yard I cover areas that had weeds after I pull them out with newspaper. Don't water where the weeds will grow yet covering the area will effectively work to control your weed population.

  22. This is a very good video for me, I am dealing with an infestation of spurge. How can I fight it, also I am noticing an nitrogen lack in my soil. How can I build it up to better levels in my soil.  

  23. I'm with you toe to toe. Weeds are soil fixers! One other thing you can do to kill weeds (or any plant for that matter) is to put cardboard box or a thick black tarp that heats up the ground underneath and blocks out all sunlight. It takes a couple months but it can be used to kill small or large areas passively but effectively.
    But again, if I'm not pulling it up, I'm leaving it!

  24. HORSETAIL…I thought maybe to cut it down and then cover the area with black plastic tarp and let the sun heat it up and choke it off…??? HELP

  25. Lots of great advice here. But how does a good balance of plant promoting nutrients stop weeds (which are plants) from growing? That bit of advice has to be BS dude.

  26. coltsfoot is really nasty in our community garden – I've seen that it's an herb in some cultures but for us.. it's a weed. Any hints for that weed? The underground rhisome network is really invasive.

  27. What if your lawn is totally infested with weeds and clover? Is there a way to deal with this without using a heavy weed killing spray other than having to remove them all by hand?

  28. my worst nightmare right now is crabgrass. it's taken over my entire backyard. I want to plant vegetables, so need best solution for that.

  29. To me anyways Clover IS a weed IF its embedded with the grass.

    And rabbits eat clover and they're multiplying too much.

    Clover producs Nitrogen? I'd rather add topsoil / mulch for that.

  30. Good information. Edible weeds are really mineral, vitamin dense foods. Much like a super food to help us during detox times, which is Spring and Fall, so it makes sense they grow during the time we should forage on them. My neighbors would flip-up if I left all of them, though. What about Bermuda lawn with weeds? What do you use for your lawn? Thank you so much.

  31. Bind weed is choking my fuschia tree and started on everything else in the garden , keep pulling it out but otherwise HELP!

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