How to Kill Weeds in Flower Beds without Killing Flowers

Hi. My name is John Lampe from Green Shoots.
Today I’m going to do a demonstration on how to use the Green Shoots
foam herbicide system to do a precision herbicide application. The target weed is
this perennial sow thistle. Perennial sow thistle is an invasive and
noxious weed. It has an extensive system of underground stems or rhizomes like
this. This makes it very difficult to kill. As you can see I pulled this one
out of the ground and broke off the rhizome. That broken off rhizome [remaining in the ground] will
regenerate another shoot and that makes it very difficult to kill by mechanical
methods such as pulling. So, we’re going to use the dispenser. I’m going to apply
small amounts of herbicide to the leaves and stem of the plant like this. Now you don’t have to apply very much of
the herbicide. In fact you can cover as little as 10% of the weed. I’m using a glyphosate concentrate with over ten percent active ingredient. The technique I’m using is an herbicide
wiping technique, and that allows you to to place a very precise amount of
herbicide on the leaves. 15 Days Later . . . Hi, John Lampe here. We’re going to check up on an application that we did earlier on some sow thistle. As you can see that
sow thistle is completely dead. It’s a little hard to make out because it is so
brown. Same thing here. Wiped out. This little one here you can
barely see, but it’s also dead. So, looks like we had a complete kill using the
Green Shoots foam herbicide system.

6 thoughts on “How to Kill Weeds in Flower Beds without Killing Flowers

  1. You can definitely pull those weeds instead of using herbicide. However, weeds like sow thistle and Canada thistle have big underground rhizomes and roots which generate prolific new sprouts. That means you have to be persistent year after year if you want to pull or hoe.

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