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Hi, I�m Lynn Hitt, President of ePestSolutions.
Today, I�d like to talk about controlling carpenter bees. Every spring, it seems like
the carpenter bees have come back, and if you�ve had a problem in the past or you
have the little very clean holes in wooden members is a good sign of carpenter bees and
obviously, the carpenter bees themselves are a sign that you have a problem.
Carpenter bees typically prey on unfinished wood that hasn�t been painted or stained.
More times than not, a good painted wood member will not be messed with carpenter bees so
typically just the wall wood. What you want to do at the time that you spray
it when they begin to re-emerge, you�ve had existing holes going to the galleries,
you want to take a dust�Delta Dust is a good product and very effective. Put it in
your bulb duster and simply apply the dust into the gallery. You want to leave the gallery
open for several days and then come back and fill up with wood fill or speck or some kind
to seal it off. In addition to that, you want to take a residual
insecticide Cyzmic CS. It�s a micro cap formulation so it lasts a little longer than
a regular liquid does. You want to make a full application to all the areas where you
see the holes or you know there are bees. They�ll come in contact with that. It�ll
kill them and take care of your problem. For these and other tips for controlling carpenter
bees, call us at 888-523-7378 or visit our website

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  1. Effectively gave your phone number.  The more important information you ate the words.  Rerecord where the words are distinct.  I am sorry no one else bothered to share with you.  It is my experience that they come back.  And it is my experience that females can sting but males with white dots head can not but are the more aggressive in your face.

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