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My name is Jeff White and I’m the research
entomologist for Bedbug Central and the host of Bedbug TV, I have no
idea how I got the bugs in bedbugs and here I am six years later and having a lot of fun
working with bedbugs. And I’ll be talking to you about Pest Control. Uh-oh, you might’ve
found a bedbug in your house, so the first question you’re going to ask yourself is,
‚Äòwhat do I use to kill these bugs?’ A lot of people see news stories about bedbugs
becoming resistant to pesticides and if they’re resistant to pesticides how are you going
to get these bugs out of your house? What are you going to use to kill them? Well, the
trick is not killing the bugs that you can see, it’s knowing that most of the bedbugs
that may unfortunately be in your home are hiding in cracks and crevices. And so it’s
all about killing the bugs you can’t get directly to and so when it comes to killing bedbugs,
you could use a hammer, a shoe; bedbugs do squish. They’re not like ticks. People think
of you know ticks and how hard they are to squish in your fingers. Bedbugs are not that
hard and you can readily squish them. So there’s lots of things you can use to kill the bugs
that you can see. If you’re going to buy a pesticide, you can buy over-the-counter pesticides.
A lot of pesticides will kill bugs on contact, if you spray them directly, most cans of pesticides
will kill them. But remember the question is the bugs that are hiding. The bugs you
can’t get to because once those pesticides dry, they may have no or very little effect
on bedbugs. And the one thing I can say about pesticides is follow those label directions.
Read the label very carefully; we’ve unfortunately heard of people hurting themselves with pesticides
because they don’t follow the directions properly.They’re there for your protection. And so it’s not
about you know how to kill bedbugs, 91% isopropyl alcohol can be one of the best ways to kill
bugs and eggs on contact. You can go to your local store, you want to be careful with alcohol
though because remember it is flammable and you can actually harm yourself with the vapors
that alcohol produces. And so you want to use it in a targeted fashion. And so it’s
not about how to kill bedbugs, whether it’s a shoe, a hammer, a can of pesticide, or some
isopropyl alcohol there’s lots of ways to kill them. It’s about how to get those bugs
you can’t see.

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  1. Step one: Get a lighter, or a torch
    Step two: Drag your bed outside
    Step tree: Put gasoline/lighter fluid on the bed
    Step four: Set that shit on fire!
    (Tip: Do this where no one can see you, or where you cannot harm anyone)
    Did you know: That doing this is 99.9% positive to kill those damn bugs!

  2. Why are bedbugs such a big deal, just let them feed off of you. you're asleep so it doesn't hurt you and also it just itches. You wont die or get aids or something I hope. :p

  3. @CoyoteSly I'm pretty sure it is. How the hell are bugs gonna get in your bed if You clean it every 2 weeks and you check it almost every 2 nights.

  4. 91% Alcohol in a spray bottle with stream set, to any bug – bam – within seconds, I agree. But you need pro-bug-treatment by an pest control company, no way around that, for BBs.

  5. I like how this guy dances right around the issue at hand. Guess it's self preservation in the career field of his choice by NOT REALLY answering the topic question. C"Mon Jeff, quit holding out on us. Show us how the PROS really kill bed bugs! I know for a fact they don't go around squirting alcohol- that's far too expensive…

  6. the only way to stop bed bugs is high heat! when you hire somone to do this job they bring in big almost like heaters and they heat you're hole house up! but before you say oh well i can turn my heat up well they get it up to a nice 140! if you would like to know more got to action pest control and look up bed bugs there video shows more on how they do it! happy hunting!

  7. Funny. My boyfriends name is Jeff, and he has bed bugs. I have 7 bites on my left arm from the last time I slept over. I'm seriously considering cutting off my arm. Too itchy! He has had TWO exterminating sessions, and they are still around. We cleaned and sprays the whole place together, and they are STILL around. I'm now considering turning on the heater as high as can go after some more deep cleaning and then letting off a bug killing bomb. Pray for us! :-$

  8. How do you kill bedbugs in a child's race car bed? There are all kinds of holes in order to put the bed together

  9. Make sure to hire a professional when dealing with bed bugs, they can move very quickly. Servall Pest Control is very experienced in dealing with bed bugs.

  10. woke up 4 times today… its 4:47AM and im doing research… I know where they are at and know they like me…. SOB…. i have blood stains in mattress, walls and everywhere…. I NEED CHUCK NORIS to piss on my mattress to kill them fucken bugs

  11. I ripped open my thousand dollar mattress today cuz of these lil SHITS ..I was grossed out at what I found…hundreds of them and I could literally smell made me quite upset that I was unaware of an infestation… so I took bed out back and torched the fuckers. 🙂

  12. I can't sleep at nights, I can't stop scratching my arms and legs. My skin is falling off. IT HURTS. Yes!! I have bed bugs in my house and I feel frustrate and desperate. I have try hundreds of stuff trying to kill them but it just don't work… ;( hopefully the alcohol works cause I'm really starting to panic..

  13. 1:00

    bad idea… they're messy and give off a bad smell when you squish them. Also, squishing them doesn't always kill them.

  14. It's sad that scum bags from lesser countries and low income trash spread these little assholes. Worst thing is when u work for a living and worked for what u have and ur stuff gets ruined cuz ur neighbour is a piece of trash. Whether it be bed bug or roaches. Especially roaches cuz they get into ur tv ur game consoles internet modems furniture they get inside the seal on ur fridge and go inside ur fridge and get at the food. They shit on everything so any electronics they get into will get ruined over time. They love the warmth of electronics anyone tells u otherwise is dumb and should go to my old apartment building. It's so unfortunate that low life's spread these kind of insects cuz thousands of dollars of stuff will get ruined. U can't take any of ur stuff with u if u move and the cost of electronics u get hit pretty hard in the wallet all cuz someone else is dirty.

  15. I tried every other day with spray, still found more. I think someone is bringing them in. And maybe its the mice. Will they live on mice?

  16. what a waste of time video… smoosh the bed bugs you can see is your answer??? smh…. they hide dummy and don't come out till 1am. roll eyes.

  17. pest control guy came to my house with his bedbug snooping dog and stated I have no bugs, I showed him my bedbug bites still saying the same, then I showed him the dead bedbugs that I collected and put into a ziplock bag. The second pest control guy said he found them they are in my mattress. He sprayed it. The bedbugs went nuts and bit me everywhere, I had the worst night ever. I still have bedbugs.

  18. This is a good spray for killing bed bugs!

    Zepol Labs Bed Bug Killer 16oz, Natural Organic Formula

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