How to Keep Rabbits and Other Critters from Eating Your Garden

On this week’s two-minute tip how to keep
the critters from nibbling on your vegetable garden. So right behind me here I’ve got a row of collards that I just planted from transplants it’s the tiger
variety of collards and from past experiences I know that in fall time of
the year with my fall garden I typically have a lot of pressure especially from
rabbits coming in and nibbling on my garden and just eating these transplants
down to the stem. So I want to be proactive here and go ahead and put
something on these plants to keep the rabbits from eating them I don’t want to
wait till they start munching on a few and then try to stop them I want to be
proactive and try to keep it from happening in the first place so there’s
quite a few products out there on the market to keep critters from eating on
your garden there’s a ground sprays there’s foliar sprays there’s a lot of
them out there and we’ve done some testing ourselves and also looked at
some testing from other sources and the best thing we found is this stuff right
here called Bobbex now this is a foliar spray typically the research suggests
that those ground sprays don’t really work that well. These foliar sprays work
a lot better and you’re gonna spray this right on the plant now you don’t want to
spray this on anything that’s almost ready to harvest. You want to use this
early on in the life of the plant and you condition those animals to believe
that whatever they’re trying to eat doesn’t taste very good so as soon as I
put those transplants in the ground I’ll go ahead and spray this all over the
leaves and hopefully we don’t ever have a problem with them eating the leaves
because it doesn’t taste good to them. This Bobbex here mixes at a ratio of
about 16 ounces to a gallon so this that comes in a jug here is concentrated
and we have this in court sizes and also this half gallon size right here we also
have a Bobbex that’s for deer this one here specifically is for rabbits,
squirrels, smaller animals. Another good thing about this Bobbex is that it has a
sticking agent to it so it’s not going to wash off in the rain so if you spray
it and then get a rain you don’t have to worry about turning around and spraying
it right again I usually apply this about once every week or two early in the
life of those plants to try to keep any damage from happening then so don’t be
fooled by a lot of the imitators on the market get a product that actually works
and this Bobbex right here works really well. Spray it early in the life
of the plant, spray it every couple weeks or so and keep those pesky critters from
munching on your vegetable garden. Hope you enjoyed this week’s two-minute tip.
We’ll see you next week.

8 thoughts on “How to Keep Rabbits and Other Critters from Eating Your Garden

  1. Next year I’m going 8’ deer fence. Since I got rid of my goats, the deer have gone crazy. Even ate tomato and potato plants which I thought are highly toxic.

  2. I just want to say I've been enjoying your videos I'm kind of new to your Channel but I will have a question are these chemicals organic and safe

  3. We had this problem a year ago. After rabbit season havent had it again. The spray will work i have friends who use a spray to do the same thing with good results.

  4. Glad to see this today. Looks like the rabbits just got to my pepper plants as most of them have been defoliated. They also love sweet potato leaves and brassicas. Why can't they just eat some wild plants?! ERGHH!

  5. Rabbits are nothing next to the deer here.  I finally gave up years ago and put nice fencing around my gardens. It makes using a large tractor impossible, but luckily the Hoss Wheel Hoe has eliminated any desire I have to put the tractor in one of my gardens; we just don't have need of the tractor in the garden anymore.

  6. I have a problem with quail amd possibly other birds getting into my garden. They'll eat the seed before it even germinates and grows. Any suggestions?

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