How to Keep Insects from Getting in the House — Perimeter Pest Control

Hi, my name is Harold Enger from Spring-Green
Lawn Care. You know, it’s estimated that on every acre
of land throughout Earth, there are about forty million insects that inhabit that area. Each acre, forty million insects – think
about that. And, a lot of those are trying to get into
your house. No – not really forty million insects. But, there are a lot of insects that will
travel in and out of your house in search of food, especially during the summer time. That’s why Spring-Green has put together a
three or four application program of what we call our Perimeter Pest Control Applications. And, what this does is put in place a barrier
around the outside of your home that when the insect travels through that barrier, it
controls them and keeps them from coming into your house. So, it’s a good program, especially if you
are having problems with spiders, ants, millipedes, centipedes, traveling into your home. Spring-Green’s Perimeter Pest Control will
help take care of a lot of those nuisance pests, and keep them from being a problem
in your home. Thank you.

2 thoughts on “How to Keep Insects from Getting in the House — Perimeter Pest Control

  1. Good job,it would have been better if the PCO was treating point  of entry where foundation meets the sill plate not all over siding

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