How To Introduce Your Puppy To Your Other Dogs

yeah so what we doing today so don't mind me today guys I have a little bit of a cold so I may sound a little bit funny on camera but today we wanted to take a few minutes and talk to you guys about how to introduce a new puppy to your multi dog household and we've gotten this question quite a few times in the comments and I thought today would be a good time to talk about it if you guys are new here don't forget to hit that subscribe button and click that bell and turn on all modifications so you can find out whenever we post new videos let's get into this now I am going to explain to you guys the method that Jamie and I have always used when bringing a new puppy home this is not a method that will work for everybody there are many different ways you can do this my dogs Memphis and Shelby are both very socialized with other dogs they meet a lot of other dogs on you know quite often we have friends that bring their dogs over so they're pretty used to dogs coming and going in the house so as you guys saw if you didn't I will put a link up above and down below when we first brought little mascara home we kind of just brought her right into the house we brought her in we let them check her out we took them all outside together and kind of let them interact that way and then we always make sure that we're really close by as they continue to interact in case somebody gets a little too excited or if Kara starts to get scared now that is what we have normally done when we have brought home a new puppy another thing that people tend to do is they will take their dogs to an off-site location so not your house take them to you know just somewhere a park somewhere where your current dogs don't necessarily go all the time so take them there and then bring the puppy there you know in a separate car this tends to work really well if you're adopting an adult dog it kind of gives you that area of not your home territory to introduce them so you're letting them kind of get know each other in a place that is different and doesn't smell like home and then you're bringing them back home together that can be another really good way to introduce dogs together another tip is not all dogs necessarily get along with other dogs if your dog has not been properly socialized with other dogs it's gonna be a lot harder for you to introduce a puppy into your home so you want to make sure that your dogs from the day you get them you are working with them on socializing and one of the ways you can do this is puppy classes and they don't even have to be puppy classes if you have an older dog take a beginners class take an intermediate class a class where you're there with other dogs your dog is learning how to behave how to be around other dogs how to interact with other dogs or reach out to a trainer for help to really get your dog to be social with other dogs before you even think about bringing a new puppy or a new dog into your home now once you get past all that and you've brought the puppy home and your pets seem to be doing really well together one of the things that I like to do is I like to teach our puppy patience she needs to learn that she is not the top dog in the house she's the baby she needs to respect Shelby and she needs to respect Memphis and it's so funny that they're all sleeping right here in this video all of the dogs are napping but they do look pretty cute don't they I mean come on look at they're so cute so anyway one of the things we're teaching Keira is patience and by that I mean when we left the dogs outside and we bring them back in Keira is the last to get her reward she's the last to get a treat so Shelby gets a treat then Memphis gets a treat then Keira gets a treat I make her sit for her treat if she's jumping up and being all crazy I don't give it to her I make her wait same thing goes for when we're feeding her and actually right now Keira is being fed in her kennel but when she's done a lot of times she'll be you guys know Shelby is a lot slower at eating I like here out Keira has already learned that she is not allowed to approach Shelby while Shelby is eating so she will get a couple feet away from her and she'll just sit and wait I've been working on her for space so that she knows to give her space and stay a little bit away from her until she's done eating not to run up and put her face in the bowl these are just some things that we've been working on and it's something that you need to consider when you're bringing a new puppy into your home I know you guys probably have a lot of questions about this so I'm gonna try to really monitor the comments on this video if you have questions like detailed questions about how to bring a puppy into your home how to introduce a new puppy to your other dogs please leave them down below and I will do my best to go through these comments and answer them over the next couple of days I am also gonna put a link up in the cards above and down in the video description below to my friends over at McCann dog training which have an even more detailed different way of introducing your puppy to your dogs and I really like the way they do it and it's something that I think will work for a lot of people so if you want to check that out again when you're done watching this video it'll be in the cards or down in the video description below you should definitely go check that out and if you're looking for amazing amazing dog training tips that is a great channel to check out they are actually professional dog trainers whereas I just trained my dogs one other thing that I realized I didn't mention as I was editing this video is the importance of spending individual time with each of your dogs even when you bring your puppy home it is very important to still give each of your dogs a little bit of individual time playing with them one on one you want to make sure that they each know that they're still special and cared for and by spending a little bit of one-on-one time with each of the dogs they will know that the puppy is not taking the place of anybody else so another tip I have we were not able to do this with Kiera because we actually got Kiera from a friend of ours in New Jersey that's right Kiera was born in New Jersey she had quite a trip to get to us we were very fortunate that we had some friends that actually brought her part of the way here so Kiera had a long trip to get here but another thing that you can do if you're getting a puppy is when you go visit your puppy we never got to visit Kiera before we got her we just did everything through photos and videos with our friends but if you have a chance to go visit your new puppy or your new dog that you're adopting take something with you take a brand new toy or a blanket and play with that dog or that puppy with it and then bring that toy or blanket home and let your other dogs sniff you and sniff that toy so kind of get used to that smell and then when they do come home they'll be like oh I remember that was the smell that you had on you the other day just kind of get some use to that smell so those are kind of just a few tips that we had I know a lot of you were asking about that as you can tell our dogs are already doing really well together they're very socialized Shelby is tolerating kirov very well Shelby's a little bit older so she's very set in her ways sometimes if Kira tries to lay on her she'll be all grunt at her and get up and move away whereas Memphis and Kira snuggle all the time I'm surprised they're not doing it right now but I have so many pictures of them snuggling they tend to snuggle all the time so again you guys that's all we really have for today I had a plan for a different video today but I'm not feeling the greatest so we're gonna put this up for now and I'm gonna push back my other video till Friday in other news in one week we are leaving on a big trip to go to California with a dog so if you live in or around Los Angeles California we will be at Pet Con or you can have a chance to meet all three of these girls at Pet Con it's pet con dot Co if you want to get tickets to the event there'll be a whole bunch of other celebrity pets there as well so if you want a chance to meet these girls and you live in and around the Los Angeles California area you can do that there I'm gonna go cuz these girls are just napping just napping all right you guys if you're new to this channel and you liked what you saw don't forget to hit that subscribe button like this video and share it with your friends because it really really really does help us grow the audience as always thanks so much for watching thanks for subscribing stay positive dream big and we will see you again on Friday also if you want to see more of who we are and what we do and see videos five days a week you can head over to slash snow dogs vlogs where we upload videos five days a week thanks for watching you guys we will see you again soon goodbye guys that's Chinese

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  1. Check out this amazing Puppy Training Video from our friends at McCann Professional Dog Trainers on their method of introducing a puppy to other dogs:

    As I have said before, I am not a professional dog trainer. These are just some of the tips and tricks for puppy training that have worked for me.


  3. Always if possible when your adopting a dog is have a meet and greet with your other dogs or pets so you know how they react to each other

  4. I asked this question in one of your latest videos because I’m bringing a puppy home this Friday! This was very helpful, thank you so much!

  5. Get well jess feel better ?????????????
    Awwwww ? kira an Memphis laying on the floor in the same position …. u gotta show us the photos of them snuggling together

  6. when Kira sleep with Memphis or Shelby u take a picture of them i save the photo and make them a wallpaper UwU ^w^

  7. I have a puppy and she keeps on barking at my older dog what do I do to stop it?

  8. Oh boy oh boy oh boy yes this is made the perfect timing because I am getting a puppy tomorrow now I know how to introduce her to my dog

  9. When I brought home Winter, we took her into the backyard and then I brought out Ember. Ember loved dogs and seemed social so I didn't see much issue. They got along, and we supervised and separated a lot(puppies sleep a lot, so I'd put puppy in her crate for naps). The issue with Ember was she felt out of joint. She didn't want to eat food, went on a hunger strike. I had to feed her on the couch(apparently she'd eat on there?) – after about 5 days she was fine and eating normal again. Ember and Winter are purebred Siberian Huskies, Ember born Nov 1 2017, and Winter born Dec 21 2018 so they are half sisters and close in age. Even today though, Winter is more active and annoys Ember sometimes – she wants to play more then Ember does so I sometimes still separate. Like if 1 is hyper, the other isn't, I go try to burn the energy off the hyper one.

  10. I have an 8 month old female husky who wasn't properly socialized as a small puppy. When we go out for a walk and she see's other dogs they end up barking and growling at her when she tries to get near (not play at all) and I was wondering if anyone knows why that is?

  11. Hey Jess, your so funny .You
    always make me laugh so much. I love how Shelby and, Memphis r on the floor with Kira it's so sweet.I love you guys so much!And, you're Beautiful Snow Dogs. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

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