How to Introduce a NEW DOG to Your Other Pets

today's episode the dog training revolution is crowdfunded by you and sponsored by at float calm most of you love dogs in fact you love them so much that you're thinking about adding another dog to your life in today's video I'm going to show you the steps that you need to take in order to make sure that your new dog gets along with your current pets from day one sarah has an adorable dog named Sadie and she's decided to add a new member to her family I've offered to help out in order to make sure the transition goes as smoothly as possible click thumbs up if you're enjoying our videos and definitely subscribe I've got lots of great videos planned in the future I'm a pet flow customer myself and it's clear to me that this is how people are going to get their dog food in the future because it is so convenient Peplow comm makes your life more convenient by making sure you have your dog food when you need it all you have to do select your favorite dog food pet flow has virtually all of them and how often you want it delivered it's really that simple their prices are every bit as good if not better than the big chains as well enjoy the benefits of living in the 21st century set up automatic pet food deliveries today at pet low calm slash Zac George when you check out enter codes act 20 and you'll get 20% off of your first order as many of you know we have a lot of work to do to change the perceptions in what it means to really teach a dog without force and with compassion by getting your dog food from pet flow comm you're helping to directly fund the revolution in dog training now let's go meet Sara Sadie and her new dog Sarah I know you do a lot of volunteer work with animal rescue New Orleans I'm really impressed by that why do you do it and how long have you been doing it for well I've been doing it for a little over a year and I just love to spend time with the dogs and just to do anything I can to help them out and to just be a better example for people around town why did you decide to get another dog right now well when I met deuce I just fell in love with him Sadie loves dogs and I just thought she could have a friend in the house she's very amped up isn't she yes we have deuce here your new dog who's just hanging out he's very chill right now deuce and your current dog Sadie have met briefly at the shelter and they played for a little bit I do have some concerns because when they were playing Sadie was coming on a bit strong and juice had to say yo back off man that's that's a little bit and so I want to make sure that that situation doesn't accelerate and that they kind of know how to interact with one another without communicating in such a forceful way the key is going to be going slow and really easing both dogs into the new situation the biggest thing you can do to throw a dog off is change their environment or change a major variable in their environment there's obviously a lot of variables when it comes to introducing two new dogs and every situation is really unique but today I hope to give you some general guidelines on things to keep in mind in order to ensure a smooth transition ideally it's best that you screen any potential new dog to make sure that they're generally good with other dogs but even if you do this this is no guarantee that they're still going to get along with your individual dog now we'll be paying particular attention to both dog's body language and that can tell you an awful lot both Sadie and dus have a lot of energy and it can be very risky introducing two dogs with a lot of energy that have not been exercised now since neither dog knows vet yet that's my preferred way to exercise the dog we're going to have to settle for taking them on a walk to get some of that energy out you would not necessarily accomplish getting two dogs comfortable with one another in a single training session so the advice I'm going to give you today is something that you should implement over the next 7 to 14 days though it can be months with some dogs or it can be an afternoon with others my general game plan today is to break this training session up into three major components first we want to get the dogs comfortable just being around each other in an area that neither really identifies as their house so for example a walk then we want to encourage some minimal interaction maybe after the walk is over and finally we'll get them comfortable hopefully fingers crossed being comfortable with each other inside the house and you also have a cat named Mika that's a big wild card here we don't know how goose is going to do with cats we've never seen him with cats our goal will be to introduce deuce and Mika your cat and hopefully that goes everything is going as expected so far we have Sadie who's kind of glancing she's pulling on the leash that just means she's got a lot of energy in her right now that's to be expected with a high-energy dog like her this is interesting juice just gave his longest look yet to Sadie and you know he's just taking it in they're able to assess a lot about one another believe it or not through all of this hmm dogs have their own way of communicating and understanding one another in a way that we can't understand and when I'm looking at Sadie I can see that she's a lot more eager to interact with juice our next step is to make sure that we can get their attention on us so we have better control should they get out of hand later basically it's like this you know since look at the treat it's up here at my eyes good dog I like that now we're gonna phase out the treat and it's hey up here look at me no treat got his attention on me I love that and I'm not gonna reward separately if you guys need a more detailed lesson on how to teach your dog to look at you I'll have a video in the description that will tell you everything you need to know mmm here look at me yes look at me and notice they're not looking at a treat right now they're being attentive and I'm ready to proceed but we just want to prepare them but what we're gonna ask them to do later so it's not such a foreign concept by taking small steps you are more likely to ensure success when you're teaching your dog doing fantastic deuce you are a rock star buddy our next step is to get them comfortable walking past one another and then we're going to encourage some minimal interaction and then we'll take it to the next level and see if we can get them playing together the goal here is to see how they react as they walk past one another you can see sadie is looking at deuce over here deuce looking over at sadie that was a very very good look he just glanced at her that's all very normal that's what we're hoping to see if you had one dog trying to get at the other if they're really excited in trying to play that probably means that they're not thoroughly exercised enough so I'd recommend that you take a step back and get the more energetic dog tired before doing this exercise that you can see she's getting excited this is a sign that he's comfortable here's right here if he's going on his back and he's rolling around he's feeling good she recognizes that sadie as a sign of play she's getting in a playful mood biting on the leash is pretty typical for a dog that wants to play right there so this is a good time I think they might be primed right now to kind of snip each other and say hello what do you say we encourage them to just keep the leashes nice and loose here and keep that leash loose okay another pull don't pull back just yet let's pull her backseat and so those are the kind of things that's very normal over here no ma'am excuse me over here sit good it is common for a lot of dogs to behave that way when on leash more than off leash yeah if you can pull that up I just want to analyze that before we move on let's take a look at this and see what happened everything is going well until right about here this is where you see Sadie's hair raise her tail stops wagging and her overall demeanor becomes a bit more guarded and keep that leash loose the reason I like to see a loose leash in this situation is that a tight leash when greeting another dog might encourage a feeling of defensiveness as a dog is reminded that he or she is restrained it's really clear that Sadie took exception to do screeding her here as he made his way to her rear this is her way to say I don't mind getting to know you but we're not at the point where I'm comfortable with you checking me out unconditionally perhaps very encouraging is that after the scuffle deuce immediately looks to Sarah for direction that's a good sign because the body language of both dogs instantly returns to that which would suggest being in a playful mood and because sadie is almost instantly receptive to training as i asked her to sit this tells me that this is likely not serious so obviously we had a little bit of an unpleasant reaction there with Sadie induced it's not very abnormal at all many of you have dealt with this at home but when that happens that's your cue take a step back is them into it I don't think this is that serious so I'm going to encourage the dogs to play together off leash however if this happens with your dogs you may want to consider bringing in a positive trainer with good credentials remember always make sure that your trainer is up-to-date on the latest science and ethics in dog training so now we're in the backyard with Sadie we're going to bring deuce back out in a second but I kind of want to have her play a little bit more get a little bit more energy out I think we're going to be in a better situation now if both dogs are off leash the reason that in this specific situation I think having both dogs off leash is likely to make things better is because they don't feel as restrained they can act more naturally with one another it's worth noting that when you introduce dogs to each other that you pick up all the toys all the things that one dog is likely to be more possessive over so you can avoid that potential conflict from the beginning there's the hair so call Sadie back hey that's good she's diffused now her hair that a little up there but those are the little things we want to look for hey go ahead and let's let him talk let's talk good that's good there we go that's what I want to see this is all play on Sadie's part this is good behavior right during these initial stages of having the dogs in Iraq they're doing really well right now but you might want to avoid being in the middle of them giving too much attention to one dog over the other that could also cause one dog to be a little bit more protective so if you notice that when you're trying to introduce a new dog to your current dog that they're not immediately interacting that's also okay not all dogs want to burst into play immediately everything's going pretty smoothly back here I think we're ready to move on to our final step which is getting the dogs comfortable with being near each other while inside the house in general this is the most challenging part imagine a new person moving into your house and how that might affect you to be ultra clear it's best to make sure that the dogs have met outside if either dog is moderate to high energy make sure that they are well exercised this is strongly advised if things do get out of hand break the dogs up get their attention on you and then allow them to start playing again as you can see these guys are gonna be buddies but there is one more thing we still need to address but you have one more variable that's quite interesting you have a cat's pika and we have no idea how he's going to react with her right uh what I'd like to do is bring down Mika and just kind of see how he acts we're gonna keep him on leash cuz we don't know if he's led me to chase the cat or if he's likely to be like I don't care about cats some dogs are like that so why don't you look at Mika and we'll see how he does all right you'll want to introduce your new dog to one new pet at a time as to avoid overwhelming I'm trying to do right now is I'm trying to get juice to listen to me in the presence of Mika over here you can see he's really interested sit but look at me very nice that's good and you want to do this under very controlled circumstances now remember though every dog every cat is different so you'll want to use discretion based on your situation we're not dying to have Mika induce interact with one another right now the goal is simply to get him comfortable in the presence of her and to get him paying attention to me while in the presence of Mika I mean I'd like her on the ground but I don't want them interacting just yet I don't want to rush them into that up here sit and see right there now that she's on the ground he's much more interested in her see how he's not taking the treat yeah that means he's we're asking him to do too much right now uh-huh you know what I mean so if that was you what you want to do is you want to take some more time to get your dog comfortable just being in the same room with your cat but not have direct access to your cat in the description I'll have a video on how to teach your dog to leave your cat alone but that's a little bit different than introducing your dog to your cat you'll want to be very conservative and take your time guys listen there's nothing wrong with taking days weeks or even months to introduce your dog to a cat or even another dog in some situations don't feel like you have to reach it I think you're doing fantastic I think they're gonna end up being best friends in no time thanks so much that everyone did an awesome job in today's episode if you agree click thumbs up I want to give a special thank you to our patrons on patreon comm slashes Act George you guys aren't totally awesome with the funds from your monthly contributions we were able to make better and better videos that's always the goal here make sure you guys are subscribed tell me how many dogs you have in the comments below and don't forget to like me on Facebook I'll have all those links in the description and we'll see you guys in the next video and don't forget to set up automatic pet food delivery today from Peplow comm slash Zack George I'll have that link in the description if you want to teach your dog how to stop barking my last video will show you what you need to do of course if you need assistance with teaching your dog to give your cat some peace and quiet check out how to teach your dog to leave your cat alone if your dog loves to play check out how to teach your dog to catch frisbees with my dog Alpha Centauri in me if you love learning about dogs don't forget to subscribe and thank you so much to our patrons on patreon comm / Zack George can't wait to see you guys in the next video you

29 thoughts on “How to Introduce a NEW DOG to Your Other Pets

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    the 7 month old has been around other dogs, but i now know that the dogs she was introduced to her were rough play and kinda trampled her, so thats all she knows, so she does that to our boy.

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