How To Install a Pet Door – D.I.Y. At Bunnings

Are you sick of always having to open the
door for your pet? There’s a very simple solution. Let’s install the pet door. This is a very simple design and very easy
to install. The tools I’ll need are a jigsaw, drill driver
and drill bit, my safety gear, masking tape, pencil, screwdriver, scissors, measuring tape,
and of course, the pet door itself. You can install this pet door with your door
in place. I’ve taken mine off just to make it a bit
easier for me. I’ve placed my door on some timber scraps
just to elevate it so I don’t cut into my bench when I use my jigsaw. The first thing to do is to work out how high
to position the pet door. You can do this by measuring the height from
the underside of your pet’s stomach to the floor. Mark this height up from the bottom of your
door. It’s a good idea to make two points so you
make sure the door is square. Next, cut out the supplied template. Line it up with the marks you made earlier,
and trace around it with your pencil. Now, using an appropriately sized drill bit,
drill four holes in each corner of your template. This is to accommodate your jigsaw blade. A great way to protect your door when cutting
is to line up masking tape with the pencil marks you’ve made before. Insert your jigsaw into one of the holes and
then cut out the opening. Place both parts of the pet door into the
opening from opposite sides. Secure together with the screws provided. And the job’s done. How easy was that? And it took virtually no time at all. Now the installation’s complete, all you need
to do is train your pet to use its new pet door.

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