How to Inspect for Termites Outdoors – Orkin Pest Control

Any wood debris – like decaying logs, old stumps… you want to move ’em at least 15 feet away from your house. Even your lovely winter woodpile needs to be away from su casa. If you’ve got wood mulch touching your structure, just take a rake and move it away a little bit from the foundation. You might also consider replacing wood mulch with things like pine straw, or rocks, or even ground plants. And don’t forget about the wood fence; check to see whether it’s touching your structure. Okay, the next thing you want to check are your gutters. You want to make sure they’re clear of debris and that your downspouts are pouring water away from your house. There’s something else I wanted to show you while I’m up here. These are mud tubes. They house live termites. Be on the lookout for those. Also, inspect your foundation, your door casings, your porch or patio, and your pipes. All of those places could potentially be little termite havens. Hey, Boomer! Catch, buddy! He’s a work in progress. Now, if you just want a professional to come out and take a gander, give us a call.

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