28 thoughts on “How to increase your vocabulary

  1. My professor likes to categorize words into active (know well), passive (almost sure), and inactive (don’t know at all).

  2. For me It's difficult to learn new words because there's a lot vocabulary to learn and I don't know how to start, but with this video helped me, BTW today I should increase my vocabulary with this process thank you so much.

  3. Hi, thanks a lot for your efforts, I have a question hope you answer it. sometimes I bump into new words I make a big effort to memorize them , and then I recognize I don't need them I never use them. The question is where I can get the list of words that I really need or someone need to read newspapers watch on TV …. comfortably

  4. Thank u from India.

    In India, Govt. Jobs are dependent on the English.

    So I want learn too much English.

    Anybody help me…?

  5. Thank you for your lesson, your accent as well to hear and the most importance is practice and practice. This is i try to do trought comment your videos

  6. I can understand ur lesson very well….this is an important skill that some teachers dont have it…they teach but students cant understand

  7. Your method is awesome but it's so difficult.. It requires a lot of time that i don't have..But thank you so much for gave us a awesome idea.?

  8. Hi thanks very much for the tips. However, when we are reading a book sometimes we find many words that we don't understand. Should we pause our reading every time we encounter this new word? We will finish the book in long period that maybe would make the reading not so interesting

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