How to Hold a Ragdoll Cat – How to Pick Up a Ragdoll Cat

– So one of the things I get
asked a little bit frequently is how to pick up a ragdoll cat, and I really never thought about it or thought about covering it because I’ve done it
since I was a little girl and picked them up in all
different kinds of ways, but this is kind of the most recent way that I go about picking them up. (mumbles) Okay, so take my one
hand and use this finger and put it in between their two front paws and then lift him up,
put him over my shoulder, and then put this full arm underneath his belly. I love a good kitty
belly and this gives you full access. But he seems to be really
comfortable in this position. Sometimes you do pay the price, like if they just got
out of the litter box, you might find a little
something special back there. And I kind of learned that from cat shows where they walk around
with the cat like this. Caymus is the worst one to show doing that cause he’s just a lump he’s just like a pillow. But that’s kind of
where I figured that out and it frees this hand, if
I do it over the shoulder then I can pet him properly
and give him kisses. So that is how I standardly pick up a cat, but I’m gonna do it with
Murphy, Charlie, and Trigg as well so you can see
all of the differences. And it does depend on
the cat’s personality how to pick them up and my family members pick him up completely
differently than I do, so as long as they’re
physically comfortable then you can pick them
up however works for you and the cat. Murphy’s the cat that hates to be held. He is tolerant for a little bit, but not for very long. Caymus is getting ready to roll. All right, hi baby. So, same thing, my fore finger in between his front two paws and then
I lift him up like that. So he likes this, I don’t know, framework, it works well for him, but he does start wiggling after a while. We’re outside, so he’s
gonna be way more tolerant because there’s lots
more to smell and see. (mumbles) You ready? He is kind of shaking. Why you shaking, why you
shaking, why you shaking? All right, so then I’m gonna show you how I pick up Charlie and Trigg. So I always put one hand in between his front two legs and then
my other hand arm goes pretty much the length of his tummy. And then I hold him like this. He really hates being held any other way, he meows at me, like kind
of a complaining meow if I hold him any other way, so this is how I like to do it. Sometimes when I need my other
hand I hold him like this, but he does meow and complain about it. He’s pretty excited to be
outside right now though so I don’t think he’ll complain at all. Right baby? He also does this, like he doesn’t know what to do with his paw. (cat meows) He really dislikes this. Are you upset about that? Why you don’t (mumbles)? – [Jenny] So this is how
Amy picks up Charlie, I’m trying to get different I’ve already put a video
on YouTube of my mom and my aunt picking up Hobbs and I think it’s important
to see how different people pick up different cats cause
you kind of have to do it based on – oh that was a
live caterpillar. (laughs) Based on the cat’s personality. – I always like to put
their paws in front. – Yeah, he looks pretty content. I think he likes all of
his paws touching something makes him comfortable. – And I’ve got – Yeah – his bottom paws in my hand – Yes, we on this side of the
video can see that. (laughs) Say hi, oh Charlie – Charlie (mumbles) – Who’s that, want to go see? (cat meows) (laughs) – Sorry, too much love. – (laughs) – Charlie. – Good Char man. I’m gonna show you how to pick up Trigg. So we just ran around the yard trying to get him to let us pick him up. Trigg hates being held and has hated it ever
since he was a kitten. So sometimes when I’m just sitting down, you got some stuff on you, I hold him like this. Trigg thinks everything’s a launch pad so he’ll just launch off of my arm or launch off of my leg and it gets scary sometimes because I’m scared I’m gonna break his arm or break his leg because
I haven’t released the top portion of his body, yet he’s launching. So it’s really, with him,
it’s more of a struggle to make sure that I’m not gonna injure him or injure me (laughs). I certainly have done that. Okay, so when carrying
Trigg around the house, and one of the things too, by the way, that I did with Trigg when he was a kitten is I was pretty frustrated with the fact that he wouldn’t allow me to pick him up for, I don’t know, three or four days, I took him everywhere with me. I mean, he went to the bathroom, he did the dishes with me,
he did laundry with me, he was attached to me so
that he didn’t have a choice but to get used to being held. So, see the launching? (laughs) He’s pretty creative. My babies. Okay, so I also do try to
hold him like I hold Charlie, but he’s pretty upset right now. (mumbles) So sometimes we even get held like this, but I find he’s best in this belly up position because, again, we can’t do any launching when we’re in the belly up position. He is good about this position too (laughs) Oh, that’s nice. – (mumbles) – [Jenny] This is my
sister Amy holding Trigg. (laughs) – I’m the same way though, I hold him up because he is a launchpad. – [Jenny] (laughs) – Hey, what are you doing? It’s like an acrobatic
act every time I hold you. Oh! Thank you Trigg, excuse me. – [Jenny] Did he push off your face? – Yeah – [Jenny] Yeah, he’s awesome. See, that’s what people
don’t like in that Tiggy People don’t like in that Tiggerd, Tigger, Tigger. – Okay, come here. – [Jenny] Oh, it’s okay. Oh, it’s okay. – I know. – [Jenny] Trigg always is
a little bit freaked out and whenever I say “it’s okay” he kind of can calm down a
little bit for some reason. It’s okay. It’s okay. (laughs) Are you trying to plan your
escape route, launcher? – What are you doing, what are you doing? – [Jenny] Launcher, launcher. – What doing? Good boy. It’s a good boy. – [Jenny] And now you hear the neighbor, I know, say go away neighbor. – Whoa! – (laughs) – (laughs) It’s okay Tigga. It’s okay. – [Jenny] He might freak out
more if they keep making noises and you might get yourself hurt. – Yes, it’s happened before. – [Jenny] (laughs) – Trigg. – [Jenny] (mumbles) So, that is how you hold whack job Trigg and he is such a crazy man when it comes to being held. I’ll try to do the, he’s too scrunched up to do the He likes it as much as Charlie does. I know, but when you get older, you have to know how to do this so I can get more stuff up the stairs. Thank you so much for watching
and we’ll see you next time.

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  1. i tried this and i injured my wrist because my ragdoll is so heavy XD, it only took a few days to heal but still like omg if anyone reading this has weak wrists, don't try picking up one of the largest cat breeds with one hand. that happened like a year ago when i first watched this, and i just came across the video again and thought i would warn the people reading this.. no hate on the lovely lady in the video obviously

  2. I WANT ONEEE THEY’RE SO BEAUTIFUL and i feel like their calm and cuddly nature would make them a good therapy cat ):

  3. Our recent litter of kittens we THINK could be Ragdoll. I've had one in the past and so far these kittens are showing all the characteristics of the breed. Time will tell of course but I'm excited. I've wanted another Ragdoll since my boy went missing 11 years ago.

  4. My ragdoll LOVES to be held, I trained him to like it as a baby and now he cries to be picked up. He likes the belly up baby position best. THrows his head back, closes eyes and purrs while I rub his belly, chin and cheeks while being held. He's 10 mos 14 lbs so far.

  5. I saw a ragdoll ? today,& I fell in love with it. (I am a Beagle dog lover however after seeking a ragdoll ? he is Gorgeous!) Thanks for your
    Kind video of ragdoll ?!!

  6. Please IM me and tell me what size nail trimmer is needed for cats. [email protected]
    I have alot of questions so maybe we can chat…I will have questions ready. I just forget what You tube I asked on…silly me.

  7. Mine is a tuxedo colored rag and he is like your Treg. Manchew is always trying to launch himself when being picked up. The best way to hold him is baby style with his legs up. He only allows that for a small bit because he has a hard time sitting still. I call him my ADHD kitty, lol!

  8. i have a maincoon kitten.but the man who sold him to me had a raggdol as i had my share of hugging her.sooooo cool.have a wonderfull life with your great two cats.

  9. How come your cats are so big ? I have a ragdoll and she is 4 months old bug don’t think that she will grow that big….

  10. hello^^   sooo cute!!!   yuki my ragdool(lynx)  the video      japanes  とても可愛いラグドールですね リンクスも居るんですねー。 家にもリンクスが居ます 動画を見て頂けたら 幸いです^^

  11. Caymus is a lump,but so cute! I love all the cats in The Floppycats family! My WillyNilly So doesn’t care how I am holding hi,…just so long as I am holding him,lolz

  12. If your cat doesn't want to be held you should respect it's wishes. Cats aren't toys. If you read your cats body language you can see how annoyed they are getting.

  13. Hes a beauty charlie and way your daughter held him is way i hold mine angel,shes 12 year old ragdoll very loving,your cats are all so beautiful ive always had cats but angel was our first ragdoll and we adore her,but she prefers daddy to me,xxx

  14. Look at how content those kitties are around her! Their tails are curled at the tip literally the whole video! Signs of contentment. It’s intoxicating to watch. I love your kitty babies!

  15. I love these beautiful Baby's. I wish I could have a amazing Cat! You are so lucky! They are so expensive. I have looked and look for this bread . Some day I will get one???

  16. If your cat is a pet rather than a show cat you can trim the fur behind their back legs with a curved safety scissors so kitty doesn't end up getting poop stuck in their fur. I always did that but my kitties were pet kitties.

  17. I have a 19.5 year old Ragdoll cat, but I have always picked cats up a bit differently – I put my hand underneath her front paws, so that I do not put any pressure on her chest when I lift her up. I think that is MUCH more comfortable for any cat than have her entire weight hang on her chest for those few seconds. The back part I also pick up like you do, Ragdolls do love to be held like this and love tummy rubs.

  18. Great Video Jenny! We do it exactly that way. Maybe I will show it in a future video. Thank you for your sharing.

  19. I have a mix of ragdoll and calico; she is the most beautiful cat ever. She isn't super fluffy, but really soft- and her 'calico' colors are so pale and unique uwu

  20. I first watched this when Fluffy was 4-5 months old and I learned so much about how to handle my ragdoll kitty. Fluff is very much like Trigg and he doesn't love being picked up, but this is where I learned to do it respectfully and calmly. He's nearly 18 months old now and I still get so much out of this video. Thanks Jenny!!!

    You're definitely our go-to-cat-guru xxx

  21. Cute and big cats! Btw why Japanese letters in the title?
    Anyway, I'm grad to see it because I'm Japanese.

  22. Baaah! We've had our Ragdoll for 11 years and she does not like to be picked up or held. We've tried many different positions and she still wriggles and meows and launches off to get down. But I just tried that first one that you showed (hadn't tried it before), and she didn't mind it for a few minutes! She even purred. Yay!!

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