How to Help a Choking Dog

If you suspect your dog is choking, the priority is always
to keep yourself safe. Stay as calm as you can, and help them by carefully restraining them. And then, you want to open their mouth, which is sometimes easier
done with two people, and safer done by two
people, and only do this if you are confident that you’re not putting yourself at risk. You would open their mouth,
and you would check inside to see if there is anything obvious, which you would just remove
with your finger and thumb. Don’t be tempted to put your hands in or finger sweep around
unless there is something very obvious that you can see, and it might be easier to use tweezers or forceps to remove anything. For a small dog, you would
hold them upside down and you would gently shake them, holding them by their thighs
and gently shake them. Boo is clearly not a small dog, so for Boo, what we are trying to do is to get her into a position
where gravity would help. So what we we do is we would hold behind her back legs and we put her in some sort of a
wheelbarrow type position to see if gravity will help
to dislodge that object. And you’d be looking to
see if anything comes out. She could be coughing. She could be retching. She could be really struggling. If that hasn’t worked, the next thing that you can do is a Heimlich
manoeuvre for animals. The way you do this is if you have a look down their chest,
there is a natural gap after their ribs, and it’s in that gap that you are going to put your hands. You’re gonna make a fist with one hand, and then, you’re going
to put the thumb part of your fist up underneath
her abdomen there, and with the other hand,
you’re gonna put it over the top, and from upwards,
you’re gonna push upwards towards her chest, and that will hopefully be dislodging the
obstruction by doing that. You would do that up to five times. If that hasn’t worked, get
the animal to the vet quickly. And even if it has worked, please get your animal checked out,
your dog checked out because having something
stuck can cause damage. It can cause grazes to
the back of their throat, and they really need to be seen by a vet to ensure that they’re fine.

100 thoughts on “How to Help a Choking Dog

  1. I watched this video a few months ago and thanks to this useful information I helped my clients dog. He was coughing yet not choking because I could hear noise. He was frantically running around crying & trying to throw up. All I did was lift his back legs up and he threw up the stick right away. THANK YOU!

  2. My dog almost died last night, choking and collapsed unconscious while eating food too quickly.
    Thankfully i saved her by giving her the Heimlich, similar to what is shown in this video.
    First aid for pets is just as important, if you share your home with pets.

  3. my dog was eating and choked and couldn't get the meat that was he choked on out after 1 minute he collapsed on the floor didn't move and wasn't breathing i was so scared i taught he was dead i randomly start shaking hem didn't move or breath then i put my hand on his chest to see if there is a heartbeat and there was still then i start pushing his chest from both sides like CPR and he start breathing again i was so happy he start breathing every time i bush after 2 minutes he start breathing alone and i felt really good because I saved him he couldn't move for 5 minutes and was shocked like an hour after but hes totally healthy thank good i was lucky to do the bush his chest without an ly before knowledge and didn't gave up on him

  4. My dog was going nom nom on a bone then she started going
    And then she swallowed what she was chewing

  5. I only know first aid for people and my dog (not exactly mine but I love her anyway)was choking right in front of me with food she ate without chewing. She tried coughing and vomiting but it wasn't working so in those short seconds I just droped everything and went to her as she fell on the floor fainting without forces. I panicked and just tried to reach for anything on her throat (carefully ofc) as I tried to do the hamlich maneuver. Note that I don't know how to do that to animals and she wasn't breathing so I tried some kind of basic life support (as I would do to a human not breathing) and I think that helped. Now she's fine and I'm here shaking while I look out how to do it properly next time. I guess I wasn't that far from the right way to do it. I just couldn't lift her up cuz she was already laying on the floor. So thank you for this, it helped a lot for me to understand what to, and what not to do next time. (I hope there's no next time)

  6. My dog is an idiot. When she gets a hold of raw squares or little ends of R.H. bones she softens it up just enough to swallow it whole. She gets ahold of these things when we visit friends houses. 3 times to far I've had to either grab it out of her throat or do the doggie Heimlich on her. Since then I search the houses before she is allowed out of the truck.

  7. That's absolutely insane I was literally thinking about this today. THINKING. I did not remotely look up anything of this kind. I don't even own a dog. Stop reading my thoughts Youtube.

  8. My German Shepherd had a bone stuck in her throat, sideways, I reached in and gently pulled it out. She couldn't stop gagging.

  9. Our dog was choking and with the help of this video we were able to get the object that was in his throat. THANK YOU!

  10. I always wonder why ppl make this kind of videos so long and drawn out and force u to look at their title at the beginning…most pol are looking this up WHILE their dog is choking plz make them shorter and faster so ppl can get the info fast…u can make them long and drawn out just make the beginning rly short and sweet and quick to the point incase ppl are watching it for emergencys

  11. So my dog was literally choking on a chicken bone and this video literally saved my dogs life. Thank you so much. ❤️❤️❤️ Everything spilled right out .

  12. earlier today my dog was choking (she’s fine now) but the hard thing was she was on the floor failing around and it seemed like she couldn’t control her limbs. When I tried picking her up by her hind legs her front legs just wouldn’t hold her up. Is there any way I can help a dog while they’re chocking from the floor?

  13. Please remove ads but thank u so much my dog was choking and I had no idea on what to do and a 7 second add did not help

  14. With how long it took for 20 seconds of actual learning, if someone was looking it up while their pet was actively choking then the pet would die.

  15. My dog ate something he wasn’t supposed to Idk what is is but he tried to throw it up and he started to make a choking noise for like a minute should I bring him to the vet?

  16. Get a dog who you can open their mouth 😀 but thanks so much. This has helped for future dog care. I appreciate it.

  17. My sisters in the living room with my puppy and he is choking and I dont know what to do hes choking really bad and gagging he hasn't coughed it up

  18. I know that this is something that you NEED to know, but I'm hoping I won't have to use it. Because it will be a very terrifying experience

  19. I am very nervous now if this was to happen to my dog because i struggle with learning difficulties and i could get confused if it was me on my own if it was i would try that fist idea when u put ur hand on it but hopefully nothing will happen to him as i had him for a very long time

  20. This video is great, I was feeding my dog and on Wednesday’s he has his meat or chicken diet and i thought he was choking on the chicken but turns out he was just coughing, this really helped me

  21. Thank you, You just save my shih tzu (5 months) life with this video. She had something stuck in her throat. Thank you GOD BLESS YOU!!

  22. My dog was coughing and after i comfort her she stopped coughing,is she ok now or should i,be worriee?

  23. You should get to the point a lot faster. I thought I remembered how to Heimlich my dog and good thing I did. You took FOREVER to get to the point. He could’ve died in the time your video took

  24. I heard my dog making loud coughs and I went downstairs and she was chocking my mom carried her fat self and nothing came out she then opened her mouth and found nothing she carried her and did Heimlich and nothing worked then I said she was just coughing ?

  25. I’m 14 and my Mum briefly popped out and my dog started to choke. Thanks for this video! ????❤️❤️

  26. Does this really work? i REALLY want to help my dog because last night,we had chicken for dinner and my dad fed him the chicken bones and the next morning
    I heard strange noises that my dog was making and my dad said he was choking. We gave him some food but he didn't eat it and i was worried because he's turning skinny so I finally searched on how to remove chicken bones on a dogs throat. So does it work?

  27. I actually had this happen today, and managed to do the Heimlich on a dog. I don't think she would have made it
    to the Vet in time. Her tongue was turning blue, and it was obvious to me that she could not breath. She was stumbling.

    Once I brought her hindquarters up… higher than her head, she may have swallowed what was in her throat. I didn't see anything
    come out. But I suspect she may have found a nut that was from the feeder. whew.

  28. Wow thanks my dog was choking because she snuck a ramen bag at 2 am today she ate it then puked on my sisters bed so yeah

  29. I read how to choking a dog… thank you though it saved my little puppies life! He was choking on a bone

  30. Take ads off videos like this! My pup was choking and I had to watch a 30 second video of some bullshit summer sale

  31. I have a small dog but he hates being upside down he will flip himself over trying not to be on his back

  32. Gravity lol ?. If only it was a real thing and not a thought experiment. Buoyancy and density are real, testable, measurable and repeatable laws of weight. Unlike the “Theory of gravity” that can do none of those things and magically lets rocks fall and balloons rise. Thanks for the choking tip tho

  33. Why is there a ad. My dog just started chocking. She luckily got it out by herself. But thats still precious 5 seconds.

  34. I randomly watched this video few months ago and I just saved my puppy from choking with a piece of bone yesterday.

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