how to have a HAPPY hamster

hey guys it’s me Victoria and in today’s
video I am going to be talking about how to have a happy hamster one of the best
ways to make your hamster happy is by giving them enrichment though this has
been proven difficult because hamsters don’t get the same type of enrichment as
other animals may get such as social species like rabbits guinea pigs and
rats who receive enrichment from being with other species of their own kind
hamsters on the other hand are not social species therefore they do not
receive enrichment from the same species in fact they will fight and become
stressed usually when with these same species
human interaction is not always a source of enrichment either like it would to a
dog or cat because hamsters have not been domesticated nearly as long some
hamsters don’t even like human interaction therefore avoiding it so
what does give your hamster enrichment the first thing would have to be a large
cage if you’ve watched my videos before you may already know that I am a big
believer in giving hamsters a large cage the bare minimum in the US and Canada is
450 square inches of floor space now remember this is just a
bare minimum therefore just because your cage meets
the bare minimum does not automatically mean your hamster is going to be happy
inside their cage if your hamster shows behaviors of boredom then it is a good
idea to upgrade your hamsters cage boredom behaviors include things like
chewing the bars constantly monkey barring which means if you have mesh in
their cage and your hamster continuously goes to climb on them fall off climb on
them again as well as pacing so your hamster paces up and down its cage or
wall scaling which they’ll just be jumping at the glass if you have a glass
aquarium as well as low activity levels can be a sign of boredom because your
hamster doesn’t have enough space to do it’s natural behaviors a scientific
study done on hamster cage size revealed that when a hamster was given a cage the
size of a 1,550 square inches of floor space they showed less signs of
boredom though of course even some of the hamsters in this sized cage even
then they showed boredom therefore this should show that it is necessary to have
a large cage for your hamster other ways to give your hamster enrichment would be
to give them the opportunity to express natural behaviors such as burrowing and
foraging in the wild a hamster will burrow deep in the ground and they will
create things like chambers and each of these chambers have a specific reason so
one will be for your hamster to store its food another will be its bathroom
and another chamber would be for them to sleep in in order for this to be
achieved a hamster needs to be given a proper amount of bedding I would say to
give them at least 6 inches of bedding or more more is preferred of course in
some sort of section that way they have the ability to create some type of
little burrow foraging is another natural behavior your hamster would show
in the wild this can be achieved by taking their food and sprinkling it
around the cage in the bedding hiding it in different toys things like that so
they have to work for it and to find it hamsters have a really good sense of
smell so finding food is easy for them dried herbs also can be sprinkled around
the cage to help encourage foraging of course dried herbs seem to be a lot
harder to find in the US and Canada but there are some websites that do sell
them another thing that is great for foraging is sprays so things like flax
sprays oat sprays and wheat sprays all are great for foraging you can actually
get these at your local pet store and I will also leave links in the description
bar if you want to purchase some another way to make your hamster happy is to
provide them with a sand bath one of the only ways your hamster can bathe
themselves besides grooming themselves is taking
a sand bath now not all hamsters will roll and shake in their sand baths but a
lot to do use them please make sure you are providing sand and not dust because
dust is too fine and can cause your hamster an upper respiratory infection
chinchilla baths and is okay as well as Children’s Place sand from your local
hardware store you should also make sure to provide your hamster with a large
dish to bathe in if they’re provided with something too small to bathe in
it’s very likely that your hamster won’t use it providing a hideout in the sand
bath can help as well because it makes the hamster feel more protected when
they decide to bathe in the sand you can keep a hamster sand bath in your cage
all the time and you really don’t need to clean it unless it has been soiled
another important thing that can help keep your hamster happy is providing
them with a high quality and high variety diet hamsters in the wild would
eat grains seeds animal proteins fruits and vegetables so you should be
providing your hamster with a high variety seed mix along with a
high-protein pellet because sadly there are no seed mixes that have a high
enough protein so you do need to mix it with a high-protein pellet as well as
your hamster should be supplemented with things like safe hamster vegetables
fruits cooked unseasoned meats dried insects and other things and of course
one of the main ways you to keep your hamster happy is just to provide them
with the proper care they need so yeah guys I hope this video can help many
hamster owners who are trying to have a happy hamster and provide them with a
good life see ya guys thank you for watching bye

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