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greetings folks my name is George and I
will be your host today I’d like to welcome you to online grooming right here online grooming school .com my
name is George you can always reach me at eight one eight five one two eight one
two five anytime after 8:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time our topic for today is
going to be on how how to groom the Yorkie so let’s go down this is our book
my dog grooming guide and I will take you down the page all the way down the
Yorkie is with the Y this is a 500 page book folks you can download it now our
website but let’s begin here here’s the Yorkshire Terrier aka Yorkie we have
sample a picture of it this is also available on video on online room in
school comm so what we’re gonna do here it tells you the tools needed you’re
gonna need a slicker brush a comb soft brush nail clippers straight shears
clipper you need ten blade number 15 small rubber bands and a bow
maybe a bandana your cleaner medicated powder shampoo conditioner spray cologne
that’s for the end for the bandanna or put a bow if she’s if it’s a girl spray
them with nice smell and ship them home to their parents right so this here is
available as I said earlier right here at online grooming school calm if you
come here oh by the way this is a pedi PHA so if
you come here you can see here we tell you receive my dog grooming height five
hundred page ebook for free all you do is fill in your email create a password
submit the form it’ll take you where you can download it
so don’t forget folks let’s go back to our book here so first step one day
you’re here gonna use we are do the herbs so you’re gonna use the medicated
powder to dry the ears right you put the powder inside the earth gently pull out
any dead hair in the ear then use a cotton ball dampened with ear cleaner to
clean the inside of the ears you can find product that places like patted
calm maybe your local Petco Petsmart stores as well second thing we’re going
to do is we’re going to we’re going to do the nails so we’re going to cut the
nail with the nail clipper make sure not to cut the quick if you do make sure you
have powder available powder blood stopper to stop the bleeding third we’re
going to remove the hair from between the pads and this is good to do because
if there’s hair on the path and the dog is walking at the park and they’re
spoopy it just stuck on the hair you don’t want that that’s why it’s good to
clean that then we’re going to do a sandy trim make sure you’re gonna go
half inch on all sides of the rectum there’s more steps fifth sixth seventh
bait time after bathing what do you do common fluff tenth step so we teach you
all that and you can also watch a video folks on on this here if you are
enrolled at our online grooming school and you actually joined here so we have
all these videos you can watch all these videos the Yorkie is one of them
thank you for watching go ahead finish your study visit fill out this special form you can go on a free
test drive and then you can get your ebook my dog grooming guy five hundred
pages long thank you for watching folks

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