How to groom my Persian and or Long Hair Cat

hello everyone welcome to Venus and Elena pet spa my name is Miguel Rodriguez and today we are going to be grooming a cat yes we are gonna be really cut his name is Cosby he is one of my first clients ever and I still have to do I do him every time he comes and I still have to like hug him as if it was the first time it's just such a beautiful cat all right so we're going to be using to number 10 blades which are those ni clipper I used to because normally they have the tendency of getting hot very fast so I used to I'm gonna use a no taper it come it has the white part in the narrow part are gonna use a soft brush in cornstarch I use the coarse touch when a cat is really greasy or hats on max I just go like this and put some on it undercoat and he actually helps detangle and a brush yes this is a brush in we're gonna be using on Ghazni I'm just gonna be showing you he's not matted and his mom asked me for a summer cut a lion summer cut which is a very short mayn't so that's what we are going to be doing today alright so don't wait more and let's get started you can see here how much hair already um took off from the back so he is very mellow like I say alright so I'm gonna get close to the head because they want a short me so remember this is gonna be a lion pact okay um it is the time to do the legs I don't leave the booties here it's the cat skin is very very delicate so you can actually meet the skin very easy so what do you want to get is your cat comfortable and we are going to I'm going to put my fingers up to here so I can just go down that level or down da and so we do very slow motion I'm not trying to rush or do anything crazy it's just very very soft and slow now we're gonna do the UM inside of the leg you've been very careful because sometimes they pull the legs like which is that case and we have the risk of making him or nicking them so we have to be very careful I don't leave juice and very little than the leg be careful with that because sometimes the we have seen your cats and you can actually hurt the cat when you do that so being very careful so here we go and voila we have one of the legs alright so we just have to polish a little bit more at the side then that's it that will be all okay so um I let Gatsby go from from security odd thing and now he is free so umm I remove it because um he is very nice very mellow he doesn't have a problem some of the cats are aggressive this is not the case and I gonna be doing the belly and the front leg so it's very easy it is time to do the inside of the front leg so I'm gonna do it backwards but you have to be very careful with this part of the skin because you can actually cut it in with the cat scan it it's very dangerous because a tiny can become like this baby so here we go you have to go slowly don't rush and get yourself comfortable don't force your cat you rather take a little moment in you know let him chill and just keep going and actually he's looking really really the bra he is a beautiful cat right that's me I have to mention the Gatsby is actually is Ghazis God fits fault that I have three Persian cats myself because um I fell in love with him so I'm going to do the other side now now remember that I I say that we were going to use two number templates so it is time for me to change it is not hot it's kind of warm but I'd rather play safe and just change it just switch it to the other one which is here all right so we are almost done with it the vac leg now all the back leg with the front legs and now we're going to be doing the last one I just wanted to show you how to do it please be very very helpful where there is folded skin because that can become a problem don't force your cat don't stress him out go a little by little fix his position if you have to and then we are going to be doing this in fact it is kind of difficult at times but you use have to work around it that's okay right we're going to be joined with the outside of the leg and we are going to be doing the belly right now for the belly you have to hold the cap from not from the arms you need to hold it from the body and you have to actually just go like this we have to move fast but being very careful because you don't want to make them be with the females and also the male so you have to be careful with the Naples some of them are have larger nipples than others so just please pay attention to that you we aren't almost there now this part this is one of the most problematic parts cousin um mostly cats don't like to be touched there but we have to do it so just be careful when you do it we're trying to remove most of the hair and then after the bat are just gonna finish it alright then here he is with his pretty cuts okay so this is Ghazni waited to pre-cut I usually do that before the bath and I'm gonna cut his nails before we bathe them at least make sure a home that you actually keep the nails before you even start some of the cats aren't very well armed with nails and with the claws and teeth so please be careful with that all right so this is it I'm going to show you how to let me just get this out of the way and I'm going to show you how to cut the nails okay you need to hold your cat like this don't force him then we actually gonna pull the skin of the finger a little bit it as you can see there is a pink part you cannot like I say you cannot cut that part we are just gonna go this much alright and we are actually living some nail here I just want to play safe I don't like to make let my clients because sometimes they get terrified and next time it's gonna be more and more difficult it can be very traumatizing for them so we're going like this see it's very easy now I'm gonna do the black Paul the same thing you just have to be careful not to cut the pink part if you don't feel safe you rather go trimming a little bit little and okay so you need to be careful with the tail just put it underneath your arm and we are going to do this it can be kind of uncomfortable for them when you're doing this but it's safer for you and for him or for them we're going for the last one voila we are done it all right so as you can see he still has we still have to do some scissoring are on the face and around the pot but it is time for the bath all right all right so it is effort about make sure before you even put the water or spray the water on your head make sure that the temperature is right please not use water like I will not say warm or just like the room temperature and you're gonna start sweat in him this is the real back when you are on the voice afraid of water make sure you do this put your fingers on top of the ears and don't let the water boil in Gears all right northern Oh all right so he's completely wet like I said before please don't spray the water directly to the face or the ear and when you made your cat make sure that you're using a shampoo for cat not for though some of the shampoos that we use for dogs are not recommended for cats you can actually hurt the skin really bad so I'm trying to pick something hi Paulo genacore something that it's actually well make for cats always check the reviews every it's very very important all right so today they're using that tropiclean and hypoallergenic puppy and it's also um you can use it on kittens thank you all right here kittens and it is hypoallergenic so just put some okay and we are going to give him a letter all over all right always try to make sure that you clean the anal area sometimes he has pooped stopping their Vegas I'll be here especially on long-haired cats and rain you all right so he is bathed a towel dry him and now we are gonna use a dryer make sure your dryer at home is not hot and I mean using a fresh dry today so I'm gonna put it low you hello everyone so we are ready with gossipy ghastly is done we finished I just did a little bit of trimming around the post and I round face and he is ready alright so don't forget to Like us on Facebook and Twitter Follow us on Twitter and we are located on 9012 37th Avenue in a new tax on like New York remember it's venison to mfx but I see you next month thank you

42 thoughts on “How to groom my Persian and or Long Hair Cat

  1. Im going to shave my long hair cat myself not just because of how high in cost it is but because I dont trust anyone not to hurt my little guy and I want to thank you for taking the time to show people how its done right. I heard it could cost up to $100 to get a cat shaved and thats way to high but to be honest I wouldnt mind paying you that much just because of how good you are at shaving and dealing with the cat and not stressing them out.

  2. When doing the anal area, the doctor but Maryanne I work for would recommend putting a towel around the back and the head of the cat to prevent the cat from biting, and to calm them

  3. head looks like puppy cut style. .that's not a lion cut head .and u forgot the chest that makes the lion.

  4. is there a possibility of cutting the skin? I have a cat with some knots on him. I bought a shaver, but scared that I am going to cut his skin.

  5. It's ALL in the vibe/confident, gentle handling.
    He knows what he's doing so the cat feels that, in the way he knows how to work with the cat's skin.
    If a cat doesn't feel that understanding of his body he won't let you do much.
    & calm patience.

  6. i have persian cat and we wash him with persian cat shampoo ? and it smells amaizing but my cat doesent like showering he tries to jump out of the bath

  7. This cat is amazingly tolerant!
    Thank you for posting this! I'm a dog groomer venturing in to cats, and this is the only helpful video on lion cuts I've found!

  8. You do an awesome job!! I can see that you are a true animal lover and care about them and their comfort very much.

  9. i use dish soap the blue one is that okay ? i think its better then the Chemical That's in the cat shampoo

  10. I did that to him and he almost killed me. I couldn't finish it. I gave up! He won… Well, he always does.

  11. I hv 2 persian cats … The female cat is so co operative while havin bath .. But not d tom cat … He actually doesn't like to hv bath …. ?

  12. How did I get here, why did I watch the whole thing and why did I hit the like button?

    Because ? it was awesome ? that’s why ?

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