How to Groom Long-Haired Dogs : How to Position a Dog for Grooming

Don’t ever start on the face. When you start
on your dog always start on the back like I did her tail. You start on the back and
you want to keep the dog in a position that is comfortable and one that he can get into.
Like you’re not going to do a foot with the dog. See that hurts her. You can’t do
the foot with the dog out like this because he can’t get like that. You just basically
pretend you got a skeleton here and get it where it works right. So like that. I’ve
seen groomer’s take them and just go like this because they can’t take that. Most
of these dogs will help you groom them if you hold them right.

6 thoughts on “How to Groom Long-Haired Dogs : How to Position a Dog for Grooming

  1. @expertvillage
    started watching your videos, but after seeing your intro for the fifth time I quit… really annoying even if it only takes a few seconds.

  2. oh, and why are you cutting one procedure into thousands of tiny bits????? Would have been fantastic to see how a dog with shaggy hair is treated through all the steps… Therefore quite poor tutorial even though the groomer is doing a nice job explaining

  3. Thank you for your videos, I appreciate it and I am sorry you've had some hateful comments. I know you are not hurting them.

  4. Very good advice ! Hold them properly and they WILL help you to the best of their ability, I wish there were more groomers like yourself.

  5. Obnoxious video "EXPERTNITWITS" "Now THIS hurts the dog, i'll do that again, THIS HERE LIKE THIS hurts the dog. I've seen groomers hurt the dog like THIS too. And that REALLY hurts the poor little defenseless mute creature that can't tell you how bad it hurts his 12 year old brittle bones" "Never do THIS because it really hurts." "Hear how the dog howls when you put the clippers up to his eye and gouge it out? Well, not really like that more like THIS."

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